If you’re getting married this year, let Fly Feet Running help you get fit for your big day with a long-term perspective. We don’t just want you to look your best but to be holistically healthy for your wedding day and on into your newlywed life.

The Challenge:

Come in three times per week for two consecutive months during your engagement. 

The Perks:

  • Gait Analysis: Gait Analysis during your first few weeks to show you how you move, what faults you may be making and how to fix them. 
  • 50% off a private class (a great way to kick off your bachelor/bachelorette party) after you complete the 2-month challenge
  • 5 buddy passes for your fiancé. If you and your fiancé do the challenge together you’ll get the prvate class for free, (a $400 value)!

The Price:

Fly Feet Running Member: Classes are part of your membership; gait analysis is $10 off your already low member price of $35.  
Class-Pack: We’ll give you 24 classes for the price of a 20 pack, $350. We know you like a deal!

Fly Feet Running - Wedding Fitness Program