Your Top Five Questions; Answered

Here are the top five questions that we are getting asked about Fly Feet Running.  We will update these periodically.

So what’s so great about running?
Running is one of humankind’s most basic movements, and the one thing that unites almost every sport on the planet (sorry, bowling). It’s also the quickest path to dramatic performance and health benefits. We’re experts in this arena. Fly Feet coaches guide you to the correct gait and mechanics, build strength where you need it, and find that spike of adrenaline that only comes with flying feet-first. Don’t think you love running? Give us an hour and think again.

What if I’m not that hardcore (yet)?
Lapsed gym members, new parents, injury recoverers — we have a treadmill for you. You don’t need robust athletic ability to fly with us, just goals and a desire to crush them. Maybe you want to lose weight, look healthier, or run a mile in under eight minutes. None of those happen overnight, so we set you up with appropriate speed and challenge to edge you forward and close the gap. The fact is, everybody in the world has limits. We help you find them, low or medium or high, and level up.

This is fun. But how do I know it’s working?
You could come for the amazing music, camaraderie and coaching alone. But there’s a lot more going on at Fly Feet sessions. Grounded in exercise science, our classes actually change your body and improve your performance: weight, speed, strength, hormone optimization, energy levels… the list goes on and on. By helping you track key performance markers over time, we keep the focus on your goals and your progress. Don’t take our word for it. You see the results as you go.

Why does the workout keep changing?
It’s a fact: without new stimulus, there can be no change. If you do the same pilates class on Monday, the same five-mile run on Wednesday, and the same spin class on Friday, eventually you hit a plateau where you stop advancing. So Fly Feet presents an ever-changing stimulus to tax new pathways, engage new movements, and keep challenging your limits session after session. We take you to places one-note workouts never could.

But I’ve tried treadmill workouts. How is this different?
Frankly, it’s not even close. First, there’s the intensity. We lead you to the outer edge of your abilities and helping you break through to fitter, faster, stronger. It’s also highly personal: we continually guide and refine your form and show you step by step what speed and push should feel like for you. The biggest difference is hard to describe. We think of it as mass euphoria or fitness bliss. Whatever you call it, it needs to be experienced to be believed.