The Experience

The best way to know what our class is like is to experience it.  Our philosophy combines nine guiding principles to help you rethink how far your workout can take you.

VALUE // Make every workout worth it.
This is your power hour. Let’s make it count. Fly Feet’s mix of high-intensity cardio, strength and mobility training is scientifically designed to help you level up your personal best session after session. Our workouts change up continually to deliver health and performance improvements one-dimensional routines never could. Our trainers are inspiring. The vibe is irresistible. Come ready for a challenge, leave triumphant.

RUNNING // Every reason to move your feet.
No matter how you feel about running, Fly Feet helps you jump in feet first. After all, it’s the movement your body was born to do and the most efficient path to radical improvement. Our coaches guide you to the perfect form and pace while reducing your risk of injury and impact. No mindless miles here. Flying together toward shared goals, we tap a deep vein of motivation that’s miles from the lonely runner’s road.

GROUP // Swap the zone out for the all in.
Something amazing happens when we put it all out there together. With the pack in your corner, energy surges, focus intensifies, and we push each other to do things we didn’t think were possible. Whether you’re a first-timer or a fitness die-hard, your steps add to the power of the pack. High-octane camaraderie propels us farther and harder than we went last time. These high-fives are well earned.

COACHING // Fly with our fearless leaders.
Fly Feet coaches include Division I athletes, exercise scientists, and others uniquely qualified to make your power hour count. Our squad is all in. They guide, push and inspire you minute by minute while creating adrenalized moments that sweep everyone up in a collective YES. As you get stronger, you also get smarter. By showing you the “why” behind the workout, our coaches hand you the keys to total-body transformation.

HIGH-INTENSITY // This is how change happens.
Workouts say they’re high-intensity when really they’re just intense. Fly Feet is the real deal. We go all out for a reason. Research shows that just two weeks of high-intensity training improves your aerobic capacity three times more than endurance training. Simply put, Fly Feet gets you fitter faster than any other workout while moving the needle on a long list of health markers that matter.

SCIENCE // Where fitness goals and reality meet.
We always wanted a workout that actually, truly, noticeably changes performance. So we had to invent it. Created by an exercise scientist and professional athlete, Fly Feet is the first program that leads to measurable improvements in fitness and health — be it weight, strength, speed, energy, body composition or all of the above. Leave the science to us. You just savor the rush and know it’s working.

PERSONALIZED // Just your speed. Beyond your comfort zone.
You sweat for yourself. But it’s more fun with us. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we meet you there. Each workout is designed to engage your personal best, a goalpost that keeps edging forward. Fueled by the infectious vibe and the power of the pack, we ramp you up to your physical and mental frontier, then push you beyond. You’ll feel the change — and come to crave it.

LIFESTYLE // More than a workout. A movement.
Fly Feet is a coalition of fitness faithful uniting to uplift our bodies, our minds and our world. We feed you vital information inside our studio and out — everything from nutrition guidance to recovery support — and get you in gear to feel, perform, and look your best. More than a workout club, we’re paving the way to a happier, healthier life. All together now.

CONVENIENCE // Get in, get it, then get back to it.
Fully loaded schedule? Welcome to your new workout studio. Located between Nicollet and Hennepin Avenues in downtown Minneapolis, Fly Feet is just steps away from the lightrail and six parking lots are within a two-block radius of our studio. Locker rooms and premium amenities are all part of the package. Come to us before, during or after work for a high-intensity workout in just 60 minutes. Leave ready to conquer the world (or just your next appointment).