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We have to break to get better

How will we ever know how fast our body can really go unless we push that number on the treadmill that we’ve never pushed before? How will we ever know how strong we could be if we never choose the heavier weight? Easy answer.  We won’t ever know.

We talk a lot about “finding our edge”, but let’s just be really honest about that place.  It’s scary.  It’s uncomfortable. And it’s really, really hard. Many times we think we’re at our edge.  But we’re not. It feels hard and uncomfortable, but if we are doing the last interval at the same speed as the first one, or the same weight, without having to stop or slow down, then, even though it might be hard, we still are not there yet.   Even more, if we’re running the same speeds, or swinging the same size kettle bell over the last couple of months, maybe we should try and grab the heavier one, or just take a chance on that faster speed.

Fly Feet Running - We have to break to get better

Success is getting to the point where it’s so hard we have to stop, or take down the speed to finish.  It’s in those last few seconds that change happens.  That’s where we get better.  It’s about having the courage to try things we’ve never done before.  It’s not powering through every round at the same pace class after class.  We are on a mission to chase down our true potential.  If we can do every interval at 8 mph, how do we know we can’t do them at 9 mph?  We don’t.  If we tried it, we would probably surprise ourselves and be able to get through a few, but then we’d have to “break” which means we’d have to take down our speed, or even stop for a breather.  And then we’d know what our goal really should be.  And we’d have something to really work for.   And only THEN will we get fitter, faster and stronger. 

At Fly Feet, we view failure as glorious success.  So, grab your friends, and come fail with us!   We gotchu! :)

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