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We revel in your success

OMG, you guys... we did it!!!

The last 21 days have been inspiring, to say the absolute least. You have collectively lost dozens of pounds, swung some really heavy kettle bells and ran hundreds and hundreds of miles. And I have had the honor of watching it all happen. In front of my very eyes, I have watched you run right up to your edge, (you know that wall I keep talking about in class?) and bust through it. I know it hasn't always been easy - it might not ever be easy, but we do it. Again, and again, and again. Because that's what happens when you decide to go all-in. But there's a catch...

When you walk into that room, green lights on and music thumping, and tell yourself that you're going to run your 2-minute all out at 9.5 "because that's what I've always done", then that's all you'll ever do. If you let fear of intensity and failure keep you in a safe zone every time, then all we can do as coaches is to show you a reflection of yourself as you are right now. 

I know that sounds like tough love. But, what I hope to do as one of your coaches, one of my BFHG's, is to encourage you to expand the edges of your experience, help you get there and then celebrate with you when you do. In order for that to happen, you have to trust me, and most importantly you have to trust yourself to get right up to that wall and punch a hole through it. It might just be a brick or two to start, but sooner or later you'll see the whole thing crumble. And that is where change happens. The big, unicorn MAGIC happens when you make the choice to go for it.

There will certainly be days that you don't have it in you and there will be days that you feel like a million bucks. The beautiful thing about it is that we are all on the journey together. If you show up short on motivation, someone else will most definitely have a bit to spare. That is the power of the pack. As coaches and fellow athletes we are here to pump you up, not tear you down. We will work tirelessly to see that you move well and that you make gains in that studio.

Over the last 3 weeks it has been a privilege to share in your successes and struggles. When I go home every night my fiancé asks me, "How was work today?" and I am always overjoyed to tell him that someone ran their fastest mile or broke their 2' max rep burpee score. It is YOUR effort that gets you there. I'm just happy to be along for the ride. So congrats crew! You absolutely smashed the last 21 days! You've inspired me with your speed, your power and your commitment to this place and this community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of it! Now, who's ready for the next 21 days?!?