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The TreadMighty Workout

You can find every tool on the market to measure every metric in athletic performance.  Working with the Minnesota United we have access to all of the tools.  Our guys strap into heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, and Gyroscopes (which measures work load in the form of accelerations and changes in speed that are dynamic).  Before they train they get measured with a quick blood lactate reading and a tool that measures everything from nervous system readiness to brain wave function.  It’s amazing to watch this and collect all the data.  Even with all of these tools, we decided to break the mold and go old school.  Instead of hooking our guys up to all these measurable every time they train we decided to use a single simple workout once every 6 weeks to measure state of fitness.  It was amazing what happened. We got true objective results that gave us information that was clear, tangible, and very telling.  The beauty of this was that we could see not only patterns of increased fitness, but we could also see when our guys had other needs.  Sometimes if our testing date fell in the middle of a long stretch of away games that included stress and travel, we would see consistent dips in scoring.  This didn’t mean a decline in fitness, it just gave us an indication that our guys needed more recovery during these times.  Over time, these old school tests helped guide us through season after season, showing us patterns that would allow us to make necessary changes so that in the end, our guys could be at peak performance.

From this old school idea was born the idea of TreadMighty at Fly Feet.  A simple test that we knew would be measurable, repeatable, and observable.  We knew that our TreadMighty sessions would serve as tools for you to begin to see your level of fitness change over time.  The goal isn’t to always beat your TreadMighty score, the goal is to try and beat your score and then use your results as they accumulate over time.  You’ll be able to see your weaknesses and your strengths.  You’ll find your peaks and valleys.  You will be able to use your results to connect the dots of your training.  When can you push?  When do you need a break?  You’ll be able to start to see yourself getting better over broad time domains.  The TreadMighty is a series of workouts that is designed to show you who you are today as an athlete and what you need to work on to become better.  Since you can’t be perfect at everything, we designed TreadMighty to be a series of changing benchmark workouts that tax different movements and different metabolic systems. The point is that you have a chance to test what you are efficient at and what you are inefficient at, thus allowing you a global perspective of yourself as an athlete.  

What do you do with this information?  Simple - record it, keep it, and constantly go back to it.  Compare yourself to yourself.  Work at all aspects of each TreadMighty workout, the intensity, the efficiency and expression of perfect movement.  Use our coaches as resources to help you dig into your results as they accumulate over time.  The measurable will show you what to work on so you can begin to watch your TreadMighty scores get better.  Like with anything else, you have to put the time in, as well as the practice, to really see treadmighty scores improve.