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Tread & Wed

From Coach Rachel:
When you are the bride, all eyes are on you. It is the one day of your life where pretty much everyone comments on how you look. I remember preparing for my wedding, it was really tempting to obsess over how I was going to look on my wedding day. After all, it was the day I had dreamed of all my life.  I felt pressure that I had to look perfect. It was daunting for me trying to decide which workouts to do in the limited time that I had, while trying to balance planning all other aspects of the wedding … and I do this for a living!

My pre-wedding experience taught me two things that I want to share with you:

Get workout guidance and accountability.

Even though I am a coach and I love working out, I needed help deciding how to best train to hit my pre-wedding goals. And most of the time, I just needed someone to write a workout for me so I couldn’t argue with it or reason my way out of it.  I was pouring out in every other area of my life so I needed some support and a brain break.

Don’t lose perspective.

Life is bigger than how you look and your workout is more than just a way to look good. This is what my husband (then fiancé) graciously taught me. After assuring me that he loved how I looked and didn’t want anything to change, he reminded me that the purpose of getting married was not me looking perfect (ugh it feels so vain even to write!) but was entering into a covenant together before God and all of our friends and family. Then with that in mind, he reminded me that I was free to workout and enjoy taking care of the body that I had. My purpose of training before the wedding day was not to look perfect but was to feel healthy going into our new life together. That took a huge weight off of my workouts! Perspective changed everything.

On our wedding day, as soon as I saw Eric, I totally forgot about how I looked and let myself fully experience the day. I felt the giddy excitement and total freedom to be in the body God gave me. It didn’t matter how I actually looked, I felt prepared and had the right perspective. It was the best day of my life.

If you’re getting married this year, let Fly Feet Running help you get fit for your big day with a long-term perspective. We don’t just want you to look your best but to be holistically healthy for your wedding day and on into your newlywed life.

Introducing... Tread & Wed!

Fly Feet Running - Tread & Wed


Come in three times per week for two consecutive months during your engagement. 


  • Gait Analysis:  Gait Analysis during your first few weeks to show you how you move, what faults you may be making and how to fix them. 
  • 50% off a private class (a great way to kick off your bachelor/bachelorette party) after you complete the 2-month challenge.
  • a super-fly tee!
  • 5 buddy passes for your fiancé. If you and your fiancé do the challenge together you’ll get the prvate class for free, (a $400 value)!


Fly Feet Running Member: Classes are part of your membership; gait analysis is 50% off!
Class-Pack: We’ll give you 24 classes for the price of a 20 pack, $350. We know you like a deal!