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More of a training session, less of a "class"...

Fly Feet Running Training Session

Thinking back on my first times in the Fly Feet studio, I remember instantly feeling nostalgic for high school track and cross country. This is because, all of a sudden, I was being coached. I was setting goals and writing them down. Every workout I did, built on the one prior. These are things I did as a high school athlete, but hadn't done since. I quickly realized that I wasn't attending another group fitness class, this felt personal.


At Fly Feet, we believe each time you step into the studio it should feel like a personal training session. The coaches are there to push you to run your fastest speed, go your furthest distance and lift your heaviest weight. But everyone is starting from a different place which means offering a "one-size-fits-all" class isn't going to cut it when it comes to crushing individual goals on the treadmill and floor. This is why we coach every flyer to feel the same level of intensity, but this might mean running 7 mph for one person and 15 mph for another. It might mean swinging a 26 lb kettlebell for you and a 40 lb one for your neighbor. Or it might mean that you can do 20 pushups today, but 15 the next. We meet you where you are each time you step into the studio. We gotchu. 


For me, I'm now running at speeds I thought were a distant high school track meet memory (and I'm better able to keep up with my three boys as a result!). And I'm pushing the flyers I coach to accomplish their own goals during each training session and beyond.


All Hail the Treadmighty,