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This is your “on ramp”

Fly Feet Running

Sometimes the toughest part is knowing where to start.  It’s scary, intimidating, overwhelming.  You feel like you need to workout and try and get fit before you can actually show up somewhere to try a class.  And then WTF do you wear?  Ugh.  

But, here’s the deal.  We are all chasing “fitness”.  There is no end game.  It’s a journey for all of us.  And working out is hard … for everyone.  No matter how fit you are.  And real the truth is… no one cares what you’re wearing, how hard you’re breathing, or what you look like.  We are all just happy to be chasing the same goal… together.  Because together is so much better.   

So imagine … the room is dark with just a subtle glow of the green light … and you look in the mirror and through the sweat you think … I kinda look like Beyonce or The Rock.  At least, that’s what it seems like to you.  And you’re killing it, only the way you can, but just exactly like they would.  You are a machine.  Even a fast walking machine.  But a freaking machine none-the-less.  Each time it’s super hard, but you know that means it’s working.  You’re getting better … fitter, faster, stronger.  You have to start somewhere.  Beyonce and The Rock started somewhere.  Now look at them.



Let us help you find your inner badass.  Here’s your opening. Our TreadStart class takes you gradually through the pieces of a typical Tread & Shred workout: the actions, the benefits and how to find your sweet spot of intensity and improvement.

TreadStart is for you if...

  • you can’t remember the last time I worked out
  • you don’t think I can run (yes you can, BTW)
  • you would rather just walk (that’s fine too)
  • you're scared

After TreadStart, you’re ready to jump into any one of our Tread & Shred classes.  Let us help you get back on the Fitness Superhighway!  TreadStart is your “on ramp”. 


TreadStart classes this week: 
Tuesday December 6, at 7:30 a.m.
Saturday December 10 at 8:00 a.m.

Fly Feet Running