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The Fundamentals Workshop

Take the first step to becoming a Fly Feet coach.  Our Fundamentals Workshop takes you behind the scenes of a Fly Feet Training session.  Take your movement practice to the next level, understand mechanics and the keys to moving well so that you have longevity in your fitness routine.  You’ll learn the why’s behind the workout, and dig deeper into movement.


Workshop Overview

We pack a ton of awesome content into a two day, interactive workshop. Day one kicks off with an icebreaker - XL rock, paper, scissors anyone??, followed by an overview of the FFR brand. Next we dig into the heart of what we do, the magic we strive to create each day, our workout. While our coaches all bring their own spunk, sparkle and style, we inclusively bring our workout to life through science, a deep focus on movement and a mentality that we can break down barriers in our journey through life and fitness. The group closes the day with a team workout followed by a discussion and social hour offsite. You will get hit with a lot of information this day and a chance to ask questions, review and apply it to the workout before closing the evening. We then get excited for day 2 because we wouldn’t want to limit the party to just one day!

Day 2 we start to get into the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a Fly Feet coach. We dive deep into movement, the categories of movement types as well as the various metabolic pathways that we train. We then start to apply the concepts with interactive activities and exercises. We strive to make the second day as hands on as possible so that people are able to learn through all channels. We close with another group workout, discussion and overview of our nutrition practices. This workshop has welcomed people from all backgrounds interested in becoming a Fly Feet coach as well as individuals from the community that do not wish to coach but do want to learn more about their personal movement practice. We love sharing the background, science and magic that our team strives to bring each day.

We are hosting the Fundamentals Workshop June 14-15th. Come be a part of the learning, growing and challenging!

All Hail the TreadMighty,

Coach Amy

”The fundamentals workshop was not only a great opportunity to get to know fellow flyers but it was an opportunity for me to dig into fundamental movements and get feedback on why some movements didn’t always feel right in my body.  Simply put-it was a chance for me to reground myself on basic movements. I don’t aspire to become a coach but I wanted to learn the “why” behind how the workouts are structured. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge and get a behind the scenes glimpse into what makes Fly Feet so unique.”

- Frequent Flyer, Mary F.