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The power of habit


I have a cup of coffee and eat half a banana when I get up every morning. 

I workout almost every day.  {Wake up. Kick butt. Repeat!}

I listen to audible or a podcast every time I get in my car.  

I eat a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon that I packed in the morning.

I chew my hangnails when I get nervous. (I know.)

I like to finish my dinner with something sweet like grapes or yogurt. 


Those are some of my habits.  Why do I do those things?  For some of them I know why, for others I don’t.  What’s interesting is that the ones around eating probably aren’t because I’m hungry.  It’s just my routine.  


Habits are powerful but delicate – they can emerge outside of our consciousness.  They shape our lives far more than we realize. Our lifestyle - - the way we live - - is a series of our habits.  


Habits are so strong that they cause our brains to cling to them above all else including common sense.  The habit loop creates neurological cravings in our brains over time. While habits can occur without our permission, we can reshape them by fiddling with their parts. But first you have to understand their parts.  Habits are three things:

  1. The cue

  2. The routine

  3. The reward


What’s holding you back the most in your life?  It’s hard to understand what’s holding you back without examining your habits.  Take a moment to examine what your current habits are.  


If you want to break bad habits, like quit smoking (or the sweet tooth after dinner) you have to put something in place of it. That is just as important as deciding to quit.  Ask yourself the following:

  • What are the cues?  Maybe you’re bored?  Or you need something to look forward to?

  • What is the routine?  You smoke with friends.  You have a cookie or a piece of cake.  

  • What is the reward?  Social interaction and a break from the monotony.  You satisfy your sweet tooth and feel happy … for a moment.  


How do you have the same cues, the same reward, but shift that routine?  Instead of smoking, maybe you get up and walk around the block with your friends?  Instead of something sweet, is there something else you can put in place that you would look forward to?


The science says that motivation gets us going, but habits are what gets us there.  Our January Challenge is about forming habits that will help us continue chasing a better version of ourselves.  Habits allow us to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  Learn more about our January Challenge, sign up, let’s do this! Kickoff is January 5th!

All Hail the TreadMighty,