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The Fly Feet Buffet

There is something y’all should know about me - I really like food! Recently, we did an FFR team building activity where Heidi and her husband Joe gave us an AMAZING boxing lesson and then all went to dinner at this quaint, Mediterranean buffet. It was super tasty! But, buffets can be tricky… you gotta know a few things to do it right. First, know what is in the food they are offering. Second, you’ve got to know how to dish up your plate to get the best all-around meal. Third, and potentially most important, you never eat fish from a buffet in a land-locked state.

That buffet got me thinking… you can look at your Fly Feet workouts like a buffet! As your coaches, we offer a buffet of options and are very intentional about prescribing how you might “dish up your plate” effectively. But, it is up to you to come up with your best options. Here are three archetypes that commonly miss out on the best of the Fly Feet buffet, and tips for how to get it right!

1.    I’ll just have an iceberg salad and some water: You work super hard but you have not yet found your true edge, and therefore you missing out on tapping into your full potential. Whether it is intentional or not, you are denying the beautiful buffet of options and going for the iceberg lettuce instead! You work and you sweat for sure, but your speed is the same every time you hit the tread and you tend to grab the same kettle bell or dumbbells you’ve been using since your very first class. You always have a little something left at the end and you wonder why you are not getting any faster.

Here’s your tip: Start by challenging yourself on one small part of the workout. Pick one interval or one set of strength to try and hit your breaking point. Hitting your edge is MAGICAL and it is the fastest way to see results. Don’t know what we mean by “your edge”? Check out this blog.


2.    I’ll get bread pudding and mash potatoes and mix them together. Sounds random and a little gross, right? That was intentional. In a class, this looks like oscillating your speed over big margins through intervals no matter the time domain, hopping off and resting instead of adjusting in order to stay on, changing your weights in the middle of the workout (when we recommend not to) etc. This habit means you will consistently miss the stimulus of the workout. Like the mashed potatoes and bread pudding - it just doesn’t make sense! This approach blunts progress and performance.

Here’s your tip: Make the goal of your workout consistency first. Once you master that, then we can talk about increasing performance. This will make for faster, more noticeable changes and you will learn some mental tenacity in the process.


3.    I will eat until I get the “meat-sweats” and you are going to have to roll me out of here. If this is you, you always run like your life depended on it right out of the gate. You successfully get to the point of feeling like you are about to puke. You ALWAYS break early and you always break HARD. But you never recover before class is over. You not only reach your edge but your edge is so far behind you that you need binoculars to see it by the end of class! We LOVE your attitude but want to help you channel that fighter spirit. You’re gorging yourself on the buffet so much that the food that was meant to nourish you is no longer helpful and you’re missing out on the benefits. Instead, you just get a stomachache at best and ‘the runs’ at worst.

Here’s your tip: Pace yourself! We want you to flirt with your edge, not bulldoze through it. Make it your goal to break in the second half of class instead of the first interval. When we work with you to manage your speed, we are helping you. Take the carrot.


Believe it or not, on my first Fly Feet workout, I was the iceberg lettuce girl. I’m SUPER competitive and I wanted to test the waters and think about it before I went all in. As a former D1 athlete, failure was never an option and this whole running fast thing was new territory for me - I thrive going backwards, in a carbon fiber apparatus, floating on H20, over long time domains. But one day, during a coach’s workout I just went for it... and it changed everything. I finally trusted the process and now my training has transformed. I see gains in my performance and body composition that I have never seen before. No matter which buffet archetype your are, I want you to experience the same transformation!


Next time we see you in the studio and dose up the full buffet for you, try these tips to help you taste the magical FFR meal that’s taking Minneapolis by storm. And remember: never eat the fish. 

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