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The Evolution of Fly Feet Running


It is crazy to think that two years ago we unlocked the doors to a place that would forever reimagine the spirit of group fitness. It gives a brand new perspective on treadmill running, traditional hiit training, and glowing green lights. We opened the doors to total strangers and now two years later we have a TreadMighty family.

We are so honored and appreciative of every body that has sweated with us, conquered fears and goals, and taken a risk to be different and be better. We exist for you. We sat down with our chief motivator, Kristin Shane, to talk about the evolution of Fly Feet Running over the last two years.

2 years ago, the night before Fly Feet opened it’s doors to the public, what was going through your head?

So many things.  Mostly, I was beyond excited.  But, my inside voice probably sounded something like this:

  1. I hope everything works … signup platform, hot water (which actually didn’t work), music, treads, etc.

  2. I hope people like it. OMG, what if people don’t like it??  They’ll like it.  Right?

  3. And then I would go over the customer journey over and over in my head for the millionth time to make sure we’d thought through all of the details.  

Last night as you fell asleep you were obviously thinking about Fly Feet. How has your mindset changed?

Now, I’m very invested in the community and the team.  For me, it’s all about the people.  That is most of what I spend time thinking about.  It boils down to two questions. I believe that if we can get those things right, the rest will follow.  

  1. How can we continue to invest and elevate our team? 

  2. How can we continue to elevate our game for an even better flyer experience. 

Tell us a little bit about the evolution of Fly Feet goals from year 1 to year 2 and now rolling into year 3.

The big ambition has always been and will always be the same: We exist to inspire people to chase a better version of themselves.  (Because FYI - being uniquely you and working on yourself is way better than comparing yourself and trying to be someone else.) Year 1 was about creating a model that worked and that people liked.  We learned a lot along the way mostly because we have an amazing community who is willing to share with us how we can be better.  And we’re willing to, actually quite excited to, listen.  It was also about showing people that change happens outside of your comfort zone. And to be a better version of you, it has to be personal. Year 2 was about seeing if we could replicate the model quickly while still delivering an amazing experience, as well as elevating several of our team members to leadership positions to take on more and continue their growth.  Year 3 will be about really putting the screws to operations and processes (all of the sexy stuff) so that we can continue to successfully grow.  

What is your reaction to the infamous quote, “but I’m not a runner…”?

Oh man.  Well first of all, I totally get it.  We put “running” in our name, which is very polarizing for people.  It’s like you either “are” or you “aren’t” a runner (which obvs I don’t agree with.)  And, running is hard.  But here is the thing: As a human, we were literally built to put one foot in front of the other in order to move.  Running is just a scaled up version of that.  Most of us are blessed to be able to do that.  Running is one of the fastest ways to find intensity, which we know drives physiological change in our bodies and improvements in our performance.  Our workouts are short intervals of running at your own pace - like 30 seconds to a few minutes, coupled with short intervals of strength training and built in rest.  Anyone can do it - runner or not - and you WILL see change in your bod and in how you feel. 

But also, I’m not a biker and I like to spin….?  

What has been your most memorable Fly Feet workout since its birth?

I have a few, and the all have a common theme.  They are when I try something I’ve never been able to do before, and I do it.  One time in the downtown studio I was partners with Ben (my dreamboat hubs) and he was running his two minute efforts at 11 mph which is almost 1 mph faster than I would do.  So I tried it.  And I DID IT!  I felt so amazing!   I also remember the first time I got a pull up on my own.  And then I hopped up to the bar and cranked 5 out in a row.  It was like I just had to get over the mental hurdle and I got it.  Pure magic!

What has been the greatest source of inspiration for you/Fly Feet over the last two years?

It’s a tie between my team and the community, honestly.  When I see our coaches help our flyers break through barriers, face failure head on, and chase down goals I get goose bumps.  They are so invested in the community and as a result, the community trusts them implicitly.  I mean, that is what life is all about, and to see it play out in the studio makes me want to cry sometimes.  

Describe how the TreadMighty community has come to life over the last two years. 

For me, it’s been an interesting study on humanity.  People want to be better, but being better means reaching for things we’re not sure we can accomplish.  And being comfortable feels way better than facing the potential of failing.  But if you create an environment where we start from a place of being ok with where we are, and reaching for something more, people embrace it.  The fitness industry frustrates me sometimes because I see a lot of brands touting unrealistic imagery around fitness (like those 6 pack abs, super skinny girls) and instead of inspiring, it actually makes us feel like shit.  Our community is about being ok with where we are, and being ok with wanting more, and being willing to put in the hard work to be better.  

2 years from now, what does Fly Feet look like, feel like, act like?

We’re still chasing down a better version of ourselves.  Because that is always a moving target and we’re ok with that.  We’re still humble and hungry.  We’re still willing to be vulnerable.  We’re still challenging the group fitness paradigm.  We’re still inclusive and meeting people where they are in their fitness journeys, wherever that is.  We’re still willing to stare failure in the face and take it on. We’re still supportive and authentic.  We’re still willing to learn and held accountable when we get it wrong.  I just hope we’re doing it in more locations! ;)

So how are we going to celebrate the big birthday??

Our official birthday is on Wednesday, November 14. I’ll actually be in New York City that day which is v. appropriate given that so much fitness inspo flows out of that island and I spent so much time there while pregnant with Fly Feet! :) So, I’ll spend our birthday thinking about how I make sure we have many, many, many more!

But our community will celebrate our second birthday with $2 classes Wednesday - Saturday! Come celebrate with us. Just buy a single class right here with the promo code 2LEGIT and you’re in!!