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Thanksgiving Hacks

Keeping it together through the holidays is tough.  Navigating all the delicious food, sweets and tipping back a few drinks, along with finding time to sweat can sometimes feel impossible.  So, we got together as a team to give you our best holiday hacks:

Fly Feet Running - Laura

Laura:  Do it early, often and with a group.

I come from a family of runners.  We make sure to make working out as a family part of the day’s festivities.  This is key because once the day gets going we don't get a break. The best part of the morning is getting back home and stretching or rolling out all together. It gives us some time to hang out and refresh our bodies together.  It’s a great way for all of us to check in with how our bodies are feeling after several days of running around. 

Fly Feet Running - Heidi

Heidi:  Play games.

I love winter sports so, once it snows, I’m always getting family geared up to go outside for snowshoeing or sledding after a big meal. It helps to turn those activities into games instead of making them feel like workouts - especially when there are little kids in the family.  Think touch football, pick-up soccer, dodge ball, or ships across the ocean!

Fly Feet Running - Rachel

Rachel:  The post-meal digestion walk.

My sister is a dietician and she instituted a family digestion walk after each meal. It helps get everyone on their feet and moving after meals instead of sitting around.   Taking a 15 minute walk after a meal has been shown to lower after meal blood sugar levels. 

Fly Feet Running - Jason

Jason:  Embrace the veg.

As a family we try and fill up on turkey and veggies, and de-emphasize the rest.  We change up the usual hot dish or casserole veggies with roasted or grilled cauliflower florets or brussel sprouts.  We also lighten the pre-meal munchies and do things like homemade kale chips.  We always finish the day with a huge pick-up soccer game and then of course our cafecito!  

Fly Feet Running - Kristin

Kristin:  Let the mind games begin.

I employ my anti-overeating-strategies to ensure I stay on track.  My three favorites are:  1) Never arrive hungry to holiday parties – I always eat a healthy snack before I get there.  2) Drink TONS of water.  Help you feel full and flush out the toxins.  3)  Get enough sleep!  Not sleeping enough sleep messes with your hormones which increases your cravings … which is lethal during this time of year!

Fly Feet Running - Aaron

Aaron:  Manage the day after.

The worst form of exercise you can do the day after a day of indulgence is a long slow run.  It will make you crave even more carbs because it doesn’t trigger your metabolism to burn the stored sugar.  The best thing you can do is a high intensity workout because it increases your body’s ability to burn fat and effectively reset from your day of gluttony!

Fly Feet Running - Ben

Ben: Salad as the base

As a family, we love to eat … and the Thanksgiving meal is one of our favorites!  My wife is a wonderful cook.  (See what I did there?)  We try and make a healthier version of the meal.  We always start with a huge green salad as our base.  

Fly Feet approved Thanksgiving Recipes