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Thankful For Y-O-U


Thanksgiving celebrations are in full swing this week and we can’t help but gush about the many ways this life is a gift. It is the time of year when we channel energy toward family, friends, and the many other elements of living that we cherish. It also presents the opportunity to actively share these sentiments with others. The words that we choose to express become so much more powerful when shared during this season, and all seasons of life. We asked our staff to share what they are thankful for this season and we can pretty much sum it up like this… YOU. Here’s what our team had to say.

Bridget: I am so thankful to be a part of the Flyfeet community. Never before have I felt so surrounded by a community of wonderful, smiley people from so many different backgrounds and places in life all chasing one important thing: the best version of ourselves. I’m so thankful that I can be part of this space that always encourages, inspires, and challenges me to push my limits and be better- whether it be in the studio or out in life. 

Kristin: This season I am grateful for the last 5 seconds of any effort on the tread, that incredible feeling when I don’t think I can do it but the community gets me through, the coaches inspiring me to make my impossible possible, and the opportunity to step back and behold the magic that happens when people come together to chase the best version of themselves.  All Hail the TreadMighty!!  

Declan: I am so thankful for the ridiculously amazing staff and community at FlyFeet! As the baby of the group everybody is so helpful in answering questions, everybody was quick to take me under their wings, and everybody supports one another!

Coach Lauren: I am grateful for the best community of friends at FFR that have quickly turned from friends into family.

Coach Leeah: I’m so thankful to have found a group of weirdos as excited as I am to share what I love with the world - a safe place for people to be themselves. I’m so thankful for what we can bring to a community of making outsiders insiders.

Ben: I am thankful for the emails we get from members/flyers about how Fly Feet has had a positive impact on their life in some way, shape or form. We exist to inspire people to live better lives, so to hear that happening makes everything worthwhile! I am thankful for the Fly Feet community…people I have met through the community or our team, but even more fun is seeing other people start dating, become friends, etc. all because of Fly Feet. I am thankful I got to do an entire workout in a Robin costume.

Justin: I'm most thankful for our caring community. The support that is shared from each other goes miles, even when you thought you only had a few yards in you. Whether it's a grunt, a whoot, a high five, or a chat about life...it always recharges and there when you need it the most. 

Coach Jon: I am thankful for fellow coaches and the time they put in to teaching me how to be a passionate, yet empathetic coach and providing a safe place to do that.  I am also thankful I have a fun community to workout with.  That wants to do some really hard shit, but laugh about it the whole time!

Coach John: I am grateful for coworkers that are true friends. 

Keily: I am thankful to my Fly Feet Family for providing me  a safe place on my bad days, and for being the first people I want to share good news with on my best days! 

Coach Josh: I am thankful the for being able to see the workout ahead of time to avoid dynamic mode, any effort over 2 mins, and 1’ max rep burpees. 

Coach Katie: I am thankful for a community that consistently pushes themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Whether I am coaching or taking class alongside the flyers or other coaches, I am inspired every day by seeing people chase the best versions of themselves.

Lizsy: I’m thankful for the all the positive energy the flyers and fly crew bring into my life! 

Coach Carlie: I am thankful for all the amazing, kind, and supportive people I've met at Flyfeet:) 

Coach Laura: I am thankful for the reminder of goodness that I experience on a daily basis at Fly Feet. The world can have an overwhelming spirit, but the constant, authentic smiling faces and hard work that I see in this community helps brighten my attitude and shape the way I want to live my life.

Coach Amy: Two things that Fly Feet Running has given/taught me that I am the MOST thankful for:

  1. The people. Every single person that chooses to show up each day. Whether it is their first class or their 100th check-in, they are choosing to take a chance on themselves. - Which is a v big deal to me. 

  2. One of the biggest things I have personally learned since immersing myself in this community is how resilient humans are, how by allowing yourself to dig a little deeper and trust yourself and each other in a place of uncertainty, you open up the opportunity to be a little different, a little better. I am most thankful for that. 

Cate: I am thankful for the Fly Feet community, cute Fly Feet clothes, and burpees! 

Coach Lesley: I’m thankful for that feeling when another coach pushes me and supports me in what I’m chasing (in and out of the studio!)