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Get to know Ben Shane

Ben Shane, COO of Fly Feet Running

We're pulling back the curtain on our COO, CFO, and the guy that keeps us on track, Ben Shane.

What do you do at Fly Feet?

Whatever my wife tells me - I have 11+ years of marriage to Kristin where I have perfected this :) That typically involves managing the finances and a number of the internal functions such as payroll, HR, legal/compliance and many elements of our point-of-sale system (in other words, all the really sexy stuff!). 


You seem to like sports a lot, can you share with us your favorite teams and also maybe some of your feelings about these teams?

My Cubbies are #1, which made 2016 an amazing year. Being born and raised in Indianapolis, I am a huge Colts fan and had a great time watching them take out the Vikings this year at U.S. Bank Stadium. It was also a much better experience than when the Colts visited in 2008 and I ended up with a bruised cornea/ER visit while staying downtown for the weekend with friends in town for the game, but I will save that story for another time!


Who do people say you look like?  And do you agree?  Why or why not?

I have heard a lot, but the most deflating was during business school orientation when somebody told me, straight-faced, that I looked like Larry from Perfect Strangers. For you youngsters who are not familiar with that show, feel free to google it and you will see why I was shaken. I disagree with that one. Beyond that, I have heard Adam Levine since I stopped shaving regularly, but I don't really see it. Definitely a step up from Larry though.


Proudest moment?  (Other than becoming a dad x3)

My involvement with KIPP Minnesota Charter School in North Minneapolis. I have been involved with them for almost 3 years and on the Board for almost 2 years. There is a massive education gap that Minnesota, and the entire country, needs to close and schools like KIPP are helping make a major difference. The teachers and staff at this school, and so many others like it, are the heroes, but being able to contribute and help them grow and drive great results has been incredibly rewarding and hopefully sets a good example for the Shane kids.


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

So many amazing places in the world I have been fortunate to visit or would like to visit, but I would pick Leland, Michigan. It is a tiny town on the coast of Lake Michigan just north of Traverse City. My family built a place there when I was young. Life is simple. No stop-lights. Just good people and tranquility. Sorry if that is a boring answer, but I will take all the boring I can get these days!


What is your secret vice?

Tater tots. I do not think that is a secret to those who know me well. They are easily a top 5 creation of all time. Printing press, automobile, airplane, smart phone, and tater tot.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Since Kristin has been in the press so much with the launch of FFR, I guess she qualifies, right? But for a more politically incorrect answer...hmmm...let me think...well, purely off the top of my head, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends, specifically season...not that I have ever thought of that before.


Anything else we should know about the amazing Ben Shane?  

Nope... I think I have embarrassed myself enough. Just to conclude with the fact I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to do this alongside Kristin, to be part of such a genuine and awesome Fly Feet team, and to have met so many great people through the Fly Feet community.