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From the inside out…

Fly Feet Running - SW Basics

I have a skincare savant. 

In my last job, I had the privilege of running the Beauty business for Target.  It was like a girl’s dream come true.  I learned so much about every possible product on the market to make your skin look beautiful.  And I tried them all.  About 6 weeks into my job, my skin started revolting.  Too much goop.  And to top it all off, I was traveling a lot and probably not eating they way I should have been.  I needed a total detox.  And then I met Adina Grigore (total badass, skincare savant, and founder of S.W. Basics) and she changed my life… and the way I think about skincare:


“We tend to think of our skin as a separate entity from the rest of our bodies when in fact it is our largest organ.  The state of our skin is a direct reflection of what our bodies look like on the inside.” 


Her book, Skin Cleanse is a must read for everyone because who doesn’t want beautiful skin?!  I LOVE her S.W. Basics line.  I begged her to carry it at Fly Feet.  It’s all 5 ingredients or less.  FIVE.  I challenge you to find any other skin care product that has less than 10.  And each ingredient you could eat.  Super gentle and exactly what your skin wants and needs.  I’m obsessed. 

So obsessed, that all week our skincare is 25% off.
Try it.  You’ll be hooked.

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