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Summer Challenge Smoothie Kickoff!


Is there a better way to start off the Summer Challenge than with a smoothie kickoff? We think not. Plus, we have tons of reasons why smoothies AND the challenge should be a part of your life in the coming weeks.

So, why smoothies?

Because nothing sounds more refreshing than a smoothie on a 90 degree day with lots of humidity. Hello July. But more importantly smoothies are SO quick and SO easy to whip together! It is a perfect breakfast or any time option that is packed with nutritional value. 

Smoothies are a perfect opportunity to sneak extra servings of fruit and vegetables into your diet, like spinach or kale. They also provide an opportunity to clean out the fridge! Do you ever have bananas or avocados that are raiding your pantry? Toss them into a smoothie to make it creamy, delicious and you’re not letting anything go to waste! Smoothies are a great way to bring the family together because chances are your little ones love them just as much as you do. Plus have you ever added cacao powder to turn your smoothie into a sweet treat? You’ll get all the tips if you show up this Saturday!

What should you expect for the kickoff?

Well, well, well. You can expect three exclusive smoothie recipes that will only be available if you show up to the kickoff! Coach Lauren will be leading the workshop and will start it off with smoothie prep and tasting. You’ll then get to learn more about the other facets of the challenge like what the training will look like and how to set realistic and sustainable goals. Think of it as syllabus day back when you were in school. It is a broad overview of information that will guide you through the next two weeks. The best way to prep for the kickoff is to come with questions! Envision what the next two weeks are going to look like for you. Where do you think you might struggle? Who can be your accountability buddy? Plan ahead and come ready to discuss!

Why sign up for the challenge?

The challenge is meant to fit in to your existing lifestyle. It is not a dramatic overhaul of your life. If we are going to make real, meaningful changes that you as an individual want to make then we have to take baby steps to get there. No one at Fly Feet is looking for perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist in this realm. The goal is to learn 1-2 new things that you can carry forward. Try a new recipe. Maybe you start writing down your workouts. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are for you. 

The community we have at Fly Feet is powerful, which is why our challenges mean so much to us! Come join us this Saturday at the kickoff to meet the people that will be pushing themselves right alongside you. Sign up ASAP to get your challenge materials prior to Saturday’s kickoff! We can’t wait to see you there.