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Summer Runnin'

I’m not one of those fair weather runners.  No matter the temp, I’m out doing my thing.  But, when the weather starts to turn, I get really excited to shift gears a bit for two reasons.  1) I love to run socially… and that’s hard to do in the winter because, rightfully so, most people think I’m crazy trying to run outside in our frigid temps.  2)I love to race (also tied to #1) mostly because I’m always trying to defy getting older, by getting faster.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes I just have fun. :) 

With that in mind, we’ve developed some really fun programming for the summer that directly ties to having fun and being social as well as training to get faster.  Check it: 



Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.

Stride is our newest class offering focused specifically on all things running; speed, endurance, technique, and mental tenacity. It’s a chance to make progress on the proposition that we are all born to run and designed to help you crush your next race. Open to all fitness levels, this class puts first-timers and running diehards side by side to make progress at their own level, together. 


Fly Lab: Train for your Best Race

Saturday, April 8th at 10:00 a.m.

Crush your race goals. Don’t just train harder. Train smarter. Get fitter, faster, stronger and do it injury free. We are shifting the paradigm of race training. Whether you are planning on running your first 5k or your 50th Marathon this is a don’t miss Fly Lab.  Reserve your Spot


Sunday Outdoor Runs

Sunday Mornings 7:30am - starting April 9th

Start your Sunday mornings (7:30 am.) off right this season and meet your run crew at Fly Feet. The #TreadMighty community will be gathering to support each other and run outside. Fly Feet staff will be available to help with warm-ups and route options.  Don’t forget to take Mobility at 10:15am after your run!

Fly Feet Running