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Two Essential Components of a Strong Pack

I recently flew halfway across the world to participate in my friend’s 900+ person Indian wedding. The experience was overwhelming, inspiring and could never have been pulled off by the bride and groom alone.  I was blown away by the support system needed to pull this amazing event off and the entire time I was thinking about the community at Fly Feet.

At Fly Feet we talk a lot about the effort is takes to live a healthy life.  That process can be lonely at times.  The Indian wedding was a good reminder that our support system is much larger than we think and the key to a successful support system can be boiled down into two components; inspirational and practical.


Inspiration is powerful but needs constant attention.  If we are not intentional to remain inspired we can quickly fall into a rut. A successful support system will continually provide insights that unlock our internal motivation.  It will connect us to our hopes, dreams and goals. During the wedding ceremony the couple promised to love and support each other for the next 99 autumns.  Oddly specific, likely not obtainable, but also a beautiful thought that stirs up images of an elderly couple on a sunny day enjoying a picnic under a large tree.  And 900 people are now part of ensuring that promise comes though.  Our Fly Feet version of that image could be ourselves five years from now still being able to run and play with our kids or some day in the far off future running a marathon at age 75.  We are all on our own personal fitness journey and our support system needs to help inspire us along the way. 



This is how we get though the day to day.  Our support system needs to keep us grounded and on track to make the right small decisions.   A newly married Indian couple takes seven steps together after they are married and each step represents something important that they must keep in mind for in their relationship.  There are all the things you would expect, love, prosperity, hope but step number six surprised me.  Step number six was “Seasonal Equipment”.  Yep, seasonal equipment, like an air conditioner or a working tractor during harvest time.  It is intended to highlight the importance of the day to day grind stuff that we tend to gloss over.  At Fly Feet this could be sticking to the basics – not missing class, trying a new recipe, learning a new travel tip, grabbing a partner for a weekend workout. We spend about an hour when we come to Fly Feet and your support system should help you through that hour and the other 23 every day.  Which are way harder than an inspiring message now and again.


It is essential that we keep in mind that we are not in this journey of chasing fitness alone.  Together we can accomplish amazing things.  No matter what your goals are, support them with a community of people that is both inspiring and also practical.  If you are looking to live a healthy life and don’t want to go at it alone I think I may know a few people who can help ;)

Fly Feet Running - Jason