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May Strength Series

Fly Feet Strength

I'm constantly tweaking my routine in search of movements and activities to make me feel my best.  Strength has always been a foundation in my training.  During my hockey career it served a specific purpose, and now it serves a different, yet equally important purpose.  The human body thrives under change.  It is this process of adaptation - - to constantly fluctuate in training stimulus, that separates the successful from the stagnant.  A large chuck of my athletic success can be attributed by always changing bits and pieces to my training.  While it is rooted in strength, speed, power, and agility, I never do the same thing multiple days in a row.  Our strength sessions coming in May are the perfect balance to the high speed intensity of Tread and Shred. Just remember, speed follows strength.  Here are some of the benefits of taking a deliberate approach to integrating strength training into your routine:


Build strength not mass.

I have no desire to look like a body builder.  Don't confuse strength building with excessive hypertrophy.  I understand the fear behind gaining too much muscle mass, yet I have never heard anyone tell me they don’t want to be strong.  Strength training is based in different protocols than mass training, and our goal is to help you improve your posture, run more efficiently, live pain free, and FEEL strong!  


Live pain free.

I have built my training program around strength because I want to move well, and live pain free for the rest of my life.  Throughout my career, countless clients have come to me in some sort of pain, and the solution to their problem usually lies in addressing the balance between strength and mobility.  Without getting too deep into the science, the human body craves balance.  In the case of movement and posture, muscular length and tension must coexist in harmony, neither state gaining control. Weak muscles are tight muscles, and tight muscles are painful and interfere with daily activity.  


Become a better athlete ... and human!

You'll never see me do a bicep curl (no offense to the bicep curlers out there, but a pull up is all anyone needs for strong biceps).  I'd rather spend my time doing functional movements that will make me a better athlete - front squats, dead lifts, push ups.  Strength work compliments everything in life - how you stand, how you sit, how fast you can run, the structure and density of your bones, and most importantly how you feel.  It has benefits that running, while also a functional movement, does not.  Incorporating strength focused training is the way top athletes across every sport train because it is the platform upon which their specific skill is built.  I challenge anyone to show me a sport in which strength isn’t an integral function of success, and success is what I seek for every one of my athletes. 


As coaches at Fly Feet, we are always looking for new ways to help our athletes achieve their goals. In May, we're taking it the next level, by expanding our programming in an effort to help each of you find even more of the success you have already experienced.  Over the month of May we will dive into a series of workouts designed to help you incorporate more strength training into your routine. All day, every Tuesday (with the exception of 6:30 pm Stride) we will coach a floor-based training session.  You’ll still get to hop on the tread for some warm-up but we’re going to take time to bridge the gap between the interval training you know and love, and true strength training.  This will be potent and effective for you and, just like Tread and Shred, will be enough stimulus for one day of training. It’s going to feel different than 30” on: 30” off in dynamic mode, but it is valuable training that will help you become a much more well rounded athlete.  We will post a training overview on our programming page along with our regular programming overview so you have an idea of what to expect. I have been so excited to launch this strength series to give our athletes the opportunity to take their training to the next level.  Any questions?  Let us know.  


All Hail the TreadMighty,