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Solutions to the Afternoon Slump

Midday drowsiness is the worst.  One minute you’re powering through your work tasks, then 3pm hits and suddenly you’re fighting the head bob and your eyelids feel like they’re loaded with lead.  We’ve all been there.  #amiright?!  Many of us may turn to caffeine in these moments of despair, but there are some great alternative options (hello puppy pictures!) worth giving a try, and they don’t require a mid-afternoon coffee refill.

Get up and move

Go for a walk around the office or outside to get some fresh air.  Set a timer on your phone so that you remember to get up and move throughout the day.  Moving throughout the day will get your blood flowing and brain going.  This will help to reenergize you and lead to more productivity.

What’s for lunch?

Be aware of what you’re eating for lunch.  Processed carbs can lead to feelings of sluggishness because when our body tries to digest them it turns them into sugar, leading to a sugar crash shortly after.  Swap out your bag of chips for a bag of carrots.  It also often helps to leave your desk during lunch to give yourself some mental clarity.


Coffee and soda may be tempting but they will not help if you are parched.  Dehydration can contribute to sleepiness.  Keep a water bottle at your desk and add lemon, lime, or cucumber for some extra zest.

Sniff some peppermint or citrus oils

A whiff of these scents will stimulate and boost your mood.  Place a drop of one of these oils on your wrist or use a diffuser to enhance the air around you.  

Puppy pictures

Take a break to search puppy pictures or panda pictures or take the time to look at any cute content.  This will help improve your mood and make you more productive.  

Next time you find yourself fighting the head bob at your desk, give one of these alternative solutions a try!  After all, who can turn down the opportunity to view a cute puppy pic?!