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Our Skincare Savant's Top 3 Tips

Fly Feet's Skincare Savant - Adina Grigore!

Last I checked, I’m a full grown adult.  However, sometimes my skin behaves as though I’m 13 going through puberty – break outs, too oily, too dry, ugh.  A few weeks ago, I was so frustrated that I texted my skincare savant, Adina Grigore – founder of S. W. Basics, the best skincare line in the universe.  I told her of my frustrations and asked for her help.  After a 20 minute texting consultation of Q&A, here were the three things she told me to do.  I’m sharing them with you because … THEY WORKED.  My skin has settled down and behaving again.  Here’s the scoop:

1.     Stop putting ANYTHING on your face and only wash with water. 

  • Me:  Ok, but what about my makeup? 

  • Her:  Use jojoba oil.  But THAT’S IT.

2.     Stop eating dairy.

  • Me:  OMG you are ending my life. 
  • Her:  There are some ridiculous replacements out there, you have NO excuse.  I am giving you life.

3.     Meditate for FIVE minutes a day.

  • Me:  That sounds so hard. 
  • Her:  It works or it wouldn’t be in my Rx.

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