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September Stride: Active Recovery


Active Recovery is the state of moving at low intensity for the purposes of recovery. Conversely there is passive recovery, which involves no movement whatsoever. A lot of times in class we want to jump off our treadmills and completely rest, sit down, and just chill because our body feels desperate for that. However, we’re exploring the benefits of moving between and after efforts that are higher in intensity this month in Stride. This means that we are incorporating active recovery into all of our workouts, which can be as simple as light walk on the tread!



One big reason we will be pushing active recovery in between intervals is because it is more effective at clearing lactate than just standing or sitting down. Studies have proven that moving at low intensity helps blood lactate levels lessen quicker versus complete rest. By moving we are able to bring our bodies to a resting state, which will in turn bring our heart rate back to its normal pace. This will allow for our muscles to benefit more from the workout!


We will also spend time moving for active recovery at the end of class. Often times we get done with our workouts and move on to the next activity in our day without thinking about cooling down. Spending time, even if it’s 5 minutes, cooling down can actually help with the release of endorphins from a high intensity workout. This kind of active recovery can look like a walk or jog, foam rolling, and even low intensity yoga.

All Hail the TreadMighty,