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Separating Work and Workout

Is it a coincidence that workout has “work” imbedded in it? We think not. Working out, as we all know at Fly Feet, is not a cakewalk. It’s full of increased breathing rates, muscular fatigue, and lots and lots of sweat. Work, on the other hand, looks a little different for everyone in our community with (hopefully) way less sweating. Sometimes this type of work takes the upper hand in our lives, but we are here to encourage you to think about your work and your workout as two separate entities that are of equal importance. 


Step one is knowing that it matters.

If you are reading this blog or have any experience at Fly Feet, then we know that your health is important to you. That is step number one - you care! Understanding that your physical and mental health go hand in hand is the foundation of the never-ending balancing act of life. In our work life we create goals and ambitions that drive our sense of purpose. The same needs to be true for our workout. What is your purpose for working out? There is no right or wrong answer, nor does it have to be the same every day. Sometimes a workout is driven by a need for community, a moment of solitude, a confidence boost, a check off the to-do list. Acknowledge what you need in your workout for the day.

Step two is making the plan.

Literally walking in the door or lacing up your shoes is a very important step. It’s a conscious decision to care for ourselves and it takes practice. Look at your weekly calendar and slot in workouts when they appear to be most feasible. Doing this ahead of time means you are exponentially more likely to follow through. Write it down, coordinate with a friend, sign up for the class, or pack your workout gear ahead of time. All of these are little micro-steps pushing you in the right direction.

Step three is the actual follow through.


Our lives do not revolve around our perfect flow state and can be thrown out of whack by something as small as a text message or a cloudy day, so we have to operate around a flexible game plan. This might mean your hour-long sweat sesh turns into a 10 minute walk outside to get fresh air. It does not matter if it’s 10 minutes or 60. It doesn’t matter if it burns hundreds of calories or none! Create the space in your life for it and commit to it.

This month we are giving unlimited buddy passes over the noon hour because we know work can feel like it takes over, but we want to encourage your and a buddy to take some time out of your day to move. Maybe it means you only make it to 30 minutes of Tread and Shred… Still do it! We look forward to seeing you every single day :)

All hail the TreadMighty,