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Run Like Rel


Have you ever known one of those people whose smile lights up a room, but yet is a total boss babe on the workout front?  This, is Rel.  Not only is she one of our most frequent flyers, but she is also incredibly committed to closing the achievement gap for our youth.  This lady is one superstar - let's get to know her!

FFR: Who is REL?

R: I am a passionate runner, nonprofit and fundraising junky and a financial aid/scholarship fund specialist in Minneapolis. I’m an entrepreneur running a youth organization with a mission to help close the high school achievement gap through educational workshops, events and scholarships.


FFR: You love to run and race. Why did you choose to train at Fly Feet?

Run Like Rel

R:The bright green balloons during opening week caught my eye and reeled me in!

I also work and live within a half mile radius of FF, so besides it being a super convenient place to get my sweat on, I keep coming back because I know I wouldn’t be able to conquer these challenging workouts alone.  

I  continue to walk through the FF doors with a smile on my face (and a tinsy bit of the pre-workout jitters) because of the super uplifting and badass FF community that has become such a huge, positive part of my life; we are all one big family.

FFR: Tell us more about why you started your youth organization, Run Like REL

I wanted to find a way to combine my love for running, youth development and community engagement- I am also very passionate about improving inner city education and closing the high school achievement gap right here in Minneapolis where I attended Minneapolis South High School.

Run Like REL has given me the ability to be creative, set goals and ultimately give back in ways that are unique and fun.

I love planning fundraising events, holding youth workshops to make dream boards and collaborating with other entrepreneurs and organizations to brainstorm innovative ways we can inspire and give back to young people in our community.

FFR: What’s your #1 dream?


R: I’d love to be running RLR youth programs and managing my founding scholarship fund full time...while training to qualify for the Boston marathon by the time I’m 36...I got this…#DreamBIG

FFR: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

R: Coffee (and a good pair of Nikes)

FFR: What motivates you in the studio?

R: Will’s Playlists, this badass flyer community and knowing failure is part of the process; but really, it’s mostly Will’s playlists.

FFR: What’s your next big goal for RLR?

Starting RLR’s Start with a Dream Foundation (scholarship) will be established this Fall with the Minneapolis Foundation which is super exciting because this has been such a huge dream of mine for the past few years.

We’ve been fundraising for the past couple years to establish this fund and the fact that, together, as a community have reached our goal of raising more than $10,000 to start RLR’s scholarship fund is a true testament to all the amazing supporters who have continued to help my dream of inspiring and giving back young people a reality-it’s so special and I’m incredibly grateful and humbled that this dream of mine is finally coming to life. It’s the most increible feeling to know that you are working for such an amazing cause that is greater than all of us and that together we can continue to create the positive changes we want in our community.

FFR: We’re excited to be an official 2018 RLR Start with a Dream 5K/Kid’s Race sponsor and hold your pre-race packet pick-up in Minneapolis next month. Tell us why this event is so special to you:

R:  The August 18th 5K/Kid’s race in Minneapolis represents RLR’s vision to inspire others to set and go after their goals. We use the finish line as a metaphor for accomplishing your dreams- whatever they may be for you (graduating, finishing your first 5K, etc. )

We believe encouraging young people to achieve their own definition of success is a powerful message and strive to provide inspiring motivation and support to help them run past their finish line.

To learn more about RLR and to register for Fly Feet Running Sponsored RLR Start with a Dream 5k/Kid’s race visit runlikerel.com

If you can't make the 5K, no problem - sign up for the donation based class at Fly Feet, benefitting this incredible cause.  Thursday, July 19th at 6:30.  Learn more here.