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Run Club: Summer and Fall Training


The Fly Feet Run Club approached training in a different way this spring. We acknowledged the importance of hitting the pavement without logging pointless miles, and the results have yielded lots of PR’s from the crew!! The Run Club is approaching summer and fall training to get race day ready for the biggest weekend of racing in the Twin Cities - TC Marathon, 10 mile, 10k, and 5k! We want you to know why you should train with us so read onward…

First things first. Training alone is HARD, which is why the Run Club trains as a team. The environment is full of genuine camaraderie among a group of people that simply want to train better. This isn’t a training program that has everyone go out for their miles and get dispersed and separated by different pacing abilities. This is a program that is designed for everyone. We warm up together, we start the intervals together, and we stay connected throughout the work itself. Every workout is contained in different neighborhoods throughout Wayzata so that we are connected no matter what speed we’re moving at. You can give a high five to someone just starting an effort or just finishing one. 

The actual workouts are designed to build our aerobic base, dial into what our true race paces are, and getting our bodies used to training on the roads. Our training has ranged from speed sessions that help us sharpen our turnover and quickness to mile repeats that simulate race pacing. No matter what is on tap for the day we have a completely scalable approach with a coach that knows exactly how to monitor intensity and volume. For the summer and fall we have built out more details to the workouts every week that you can check out below.

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Race training is a careful balance of pushing on the edges of our comfort zone all while listening to our bodies. Mixing training with the rest of our lives can be complicated, and we are here to make some of it just a touch simpler. Join us every Saturday in Flyzata at 8am. The summer season kicks off June 29th and the following 13 weeks. 

If you’re a member it’s free plus you get unlimited buddy passes for anything related to Run Club!! If you’re not a member you can easily sign up for a package or a drop-in. We can’t wait to help you get ready.