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Run Club: Spring Season


Run Club has taken off this spring (well, sort of spring) with an amazing community striving toward a range of goals. We’ve run through the toughest conditions and are more than ready to thrive on sunshine and above freezing temps! The most important aspects of Run Club have become apparent over the last several weeks. Everyone has their individual paces and goals, but we do it together from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a 5k or you are training for your third marathon. We are proving that community, over competition, is at the root of Run Club. We are showing ourselves that what we do in the studio is taking our training to a whole other level when we tackle it outdoors. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here is what is in store.

Warm Up

Before heading out the door we review what’s on tap: the workout overview, the location (usually about a mile away from Fly Feet), and specific drill work to keep our bodies warm and loose. Everyone moves at their own pace and we regroup at the meeting spot.

The Workout

Every workout is designed in a very specific to help us elevate our endurance, better understand how our paces translate outside, and train our movement patterns outside versus on a treadmill. Each session offers scaling options that balance where you’re currently at in your training and the added level of challenge that is necessary to get better. Our sessions have ranged from sprints and fartleks to hill training and progressives. All of the workouts are geared toward pack running so that you always have someone near to support you throughout the work.

Cool Down

When you’ve put the work in we cool down back to the studio moving at your own pace. The small studio is always open to hop on a foam roller, lacrosse band, and whatever other mobility you need.

Coming Up

Earth Day 5k - Join us downtown this Saturday, April 20th, as we storm the streets for litter and garbage to do our part in community clean up. Bags and gloves will be provided. Sign up online and we’ll see you there! Wayzata will do a cool down clean up after the Run Club workout. 

Lake Minnetonka Half Meet Up - The start line is right outside our doors! Come hang out with us before the race and we’ll send our good vibes to you as you head out the door. The race is Sunday, May 5th.

TC 1 Mile Meet Up - Have you ever run a mile as fast as you can through the streets of downtown? This is something you don’t want to miss. See how your Fly Feet training has paid off. We will do a meet up and head to the start line all together before the race! It kicks off Thursday, May 9th.

Run Club 5k + Happy Hour - The best and only way to end the mid-week slump. A 5k fun run that ends at local breweries! This was a hit last summer with our downtown crew and it is back and boozy starting May 1st.