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Love on the Run:  Meet Laura and Robb Stubenvoll

Laura & ROb

For Laura and Robb Stubenvoll family and running go together.  They grew up participating in the festivities of Grandma’s Marathon weekend, Rob is from Duluth, Laura has extended family there, and as Robb says:  It’s always been a great weekend to go back home, see family, hang out with friends and partake in the beer tents.  In 2010, Laura took the festivities to the next level running her first half marathon in Duluth.  Two years later Robb, who says he was never very serious about running, was at the same starting line.  After the race he met Laura and they haven’t missed a Grandma’s Marathon weekend together since. 

On Sunday May 6th they joined fellow Flyers at the starting line of the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon. These two weren't intimidated by the rolling hills as the course winds around the lake because, side by side, they have conquered dynamic mode, sprinted with intention, and built strength at Fly Feet.  And it all paid off that day as Laura PR'd by 13 minutes!  Read on for the deets... :)

What brought you to FlyFeet?

Laura:  My friend Sarah Lehman.  She works out at the Minneapolis location and sparked my interest.  I work in Wayzata as a buyer for my family’s business Sparboe, so when the Wayzata location opened up I was excited.  I have a hard time pushing myself at the gym and Flyfeet got me “hands on knees, chest pounding” tired every training session.  But beyond that, the thing I love the most about Flyfeet is the amazing coaches and fellow Flyers.  This community is so special and I feel really lucky to be part of it.

Robb:  I heard about Flyfeet from a few of my hometown friends-hey Brenna Kolar and Trish Kozlak.  Then Laura tried a free opening training session in Wayzata, came home absolutely crushed, and said she wanted to join.  I broke away from my daily Life Time routine to try a class.  I joined Flyfeet that day and haven’t looked back since. 

You are part of that crazy 5:30/6:30 am crew and I also see you two on Saturday morning!  You both have busy schedules and demanding careers, what motivates you to get out of bed and get here that early?

Laura:  Frankly, Robb!  He is determined and can keep a routine.  Since day one working out together has been part of our relationship so doing this together has been really fun.

Robb:  I’m in Mergers and Acquisitions for C.H. Robinson and work a lot of late nights.  It’s hard for me to get to the gym in the evening.  My anchor is an early workout which helps set the tone for my demanding workday and it’s something Laura and I can do together, especially at a point in our lives when we’re both very busy.  AND… I love working out with the morning squad!


You two crush it in the studio and might be known to be a little competitive.  If you had to challenge each other to a Flyfeet workout, what would it look like and why?

Laura:  Treadmill heavy.  Robb’s for sure stronger than me, but there have been a few times where I’ve been faster.

Robb:  Heavy front squats, pullups, thrusters, lots of burpees and 2 minute sprints.  Boom!  Laura loves doing pullups…


You’re running in dynamic mode – what song would you pick to light that fire?

Laura:  Black Skinhead by Kayne West…it has an awesome beat.  (We see you singing and tapping along during a workout Laura.)

Robb:  ANYTHING Blink-182…Yes, Blink-182.


When you’re not working, running a race, or training at Flyfeet, what would we catch you doing?

Laura: I’m getting my MBA (I graduate in May) so free time has been limited.  When I’m not in class or doing homework, I love cooking, knitting, traveling, and going for walks with Rob and our German shorthaird pointer Lucy. 

Robb:  I play golf, downhill ski and watch college football.  I’m also kind of a nerd, and enjoy reading through a company’s 10-K and staying up to date on capital markets.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Laura:  Family, hands down!

Robb:  Family…and chicken…and coffee… (We totally get it Robb!)


When you look forward, what are your goals at Flyfeet, and how do they translate into goals outside the studio?

Laura:  My goal is to train 4 times a week.  I’m running faster now but want to push myself more on the floor work.  I want to be able to do an unassisted pullup and consistent strict pushups.  Outside of the studio I would like to run a marathon someday. 

Robb:  My number one goal is to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and improve my overall fitness.  Thanks to Coach John, my running form has very much improved.  I don’t look like a robot on the tread anymore! I like running half marathons and tough mudders, and I want to finally run a marathon.  In the short term a 5:30 1 mile time trial would be nice.  If Josh keeps telling me to run faster I know I’ll get there!

Laura, you PR'd the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon.  Tell the people how you did it!!

This was my 7th half and my time ranged from 2:07-2:13. For those races, I would do shorter runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. This go around, my training consisted of just solely Fly Feet. I stuck to my goal of going to class 4x a week and attempted to get to as many Stride classes I could. Working fulltime, going to night class, and crappy outdoor running weather led to minimal long runs….like one that was 4.5 miles….ha

Day of the race, I forgot my watch so I had no clue what my pace was. When I got to mile marker 12, I checked the time on my phone and it said 8:47AM. We started around 7AM so I knew there was a chance of getting under 2 hours!!! The Stride classes helped because they trained me to have enough gas in the tank to push it on the final stretch. I crossed the finish line @ 1:54 ….it as SUCH a good feeling and I am amazed at myself for being able to do it with solely FF training. I think the thing I’m tickled about most is that I didn’t just shave off a few seconds or even couple of minutes…I shaved off a full minute on my pace which is pretty dang cool.

We are doing Grandma’s Half Marathon in a little over a month….continued workouts @ Fly Feet  (and maybe a few actual long runs!) should do the trick of sustaining or maybe even beating my new PR!