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Recipe: Recovery Smoothie

Here is our team’s favorite, super easy recovery smoothie.  Enjoy!!

Fly Feet Running - Recovery Smoothie


  • Raw egg – This is a great source of protein.  Crack it right in the Vitamix or blender.  You absorb up to 97% of the protein from the raw egg vs. only up to 50% from a chicken breast. 
  • Handful of blueberries  Amazing antioxidants, but also speed up muscle recovery.
  • Can of coconut water – This is a great way to restore electrolytes.  Make sure it’s organic and not from concentrate.  Watch the sugar! 
  • 1/2 banana – Provides potassium and carbs that not only help restore muscles, but also help ease your soreness.
  • Supplement – two capsules of branched chain amino acids – dump them right in.  Helps with recovery and rebuild broken down muscle.  (We like Jarrow Formula BCAA)


Blend and enjoy!