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Recovery makes you better.


When we train, we break ourselves down.  We adapt and become stronger through recovery. When we lift heavy, the muscles actually tear. (This is where the term ripped comes from.) We like this destruction! We like this because our body rebuilds and comes back stronger, better equipped to handle the intense demand we place upon it.  There is an asterisk to this however, we must LET the body recover. Everyone is all in agreement that when we are sick, we need to step back and rest so the body can focus on healing.  This same is true with training, simply to a less drastic degree. If you step back for a full week, you won’t believe how good you will feel upon return. I think most of y’all know in your head that you should do this, but the heart is a different matter. 


Let’s think in terms of habits because that’s really what this is all about.  It is not a habit for us to take time away from training. For some of us, our habit is that we must train every day.  You do not have to train every day, I promise. So allow us to put something else in place of this need. Go for a walk, spend the 90 minutes it would take to train along with transportation taking time for yourself. Read a book, get some errands done, golf, cook, play with your 2 really awesome cats that love time with their amazing human. Figure out what you are truly seeking with this false need to always train. It’s not performance based, because if your first concern was actually getting bigger or stronger or faster, you would DEFINITELY be taking the time to recover. Something else is taking over here and we need to spend time figuring that out before we can put something else in it’s place.  For me it’s a sense of accomplishment. I need to achieve something if I am going to step away from training for a day. It doesn’t have to be big for it to count either. Cleaning my home and learning are my favorites. I love learning so I spend time educating myself on whatever I feel like in the moment. Other things like meal prep (lollllll I don’t do that but YOU should) or quality time with those that matter to you.  These things will leave you feeling accomplished or rewarded. It has to be meaningful to you! Training is meaningful so find something else to fill in the time when you shouldn’t be in the studio and that training will become even more meaningful, you have my word on that.



We will make this easy for you in week 4 of the challenge. Everyone participating in the challenge will get the opportunity to take a full week of recovery workouts to let your body heal.  Think about the last time you took a LEGIT week off from training hard. I’m willing to bet that the majority of us have no idea when that was. The coaches will help you, and the community is in it together. Still come to class and move on those days, but it’s not going to be anything like training. When Treadmighty appears, all y’all will be ready to crush it! We all love the crush!

All Hail the TreadMighty,

Coach John