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Recipe: Banana Sushi Rolls

These banana sushi rolls make the best snack ever!  Amy introduced Fly Feet to this scrumptious idea one staff meeting and everyone DEVOURED them.  This is an easy, sweet, and crunchy snack idea. They are messy, but so fun to make and eat. The combinations you can use for the toppings are endless- so get creative!



1 banana per roll (not too ripe and not too green works best!)

1-2 tablespoons creamy nut or seed butter (any nut butter works, otherwise for nut-free I would suggest using tahini and sunflower seed butter)

1 teaspoon honey

¼ cup crushed toppings of choice (I love using granola, unsweetened coconut flakes, cacao nibs, nuts, anything!)


Place the crushed toppings onto a small plate and set aside.

Mix together the nut butter and honey in a small bowl.

Peel the banana and evenly cover the banana with your choice of nut butter on a cutting board.

Place the coated banana in the toppings and roll many times to cover completely (use a fork or my hands and press down!)

Cut the banana into ¼ inch pieces and enjoy!


*Will stay good in fridge for about a day or you can freeze

*Tastes extra delicious to dip in more honey and nut/seed butter