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Blog: Race Training|Hot Dash

We are SUPER pumped about the Hot Dash 5K and 10M races happening on March 18th.  A group of us are in the middle of race training and I wanted to share a little bit about the experience and why we love this approach to training:    


This isn’t just hop on a treadmill and do a long run.  We all already know that we can do that.  Each week, we work on something a little bit different.  The training is varied in a way I’d never do on my own.  Some examples …

  • Running drills to improve mechanics. We spend the first 20 minutes or so on and off the treadmill running and doing drills to really dig into and improve our running mechanics.  Because, you know, practice doesn’t make perfect.  PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect.  We each have something we are working on and this give us time to really focus on it.  (We also offer gait analysis on Thursdays).
  • A segmented approach.  One of the best lines around here was first uttered by one of our fabulous coaches, Rachel, and now we say it all the time: “If you want to run faster, then you have to run faster.” Such truth in those words. But what that means is, if you want to run a 5K faster, then you need to practice running a segmented 5K faster.  That can look a lot of ways: 3 one miles, 6 half miles, a one mile and then a two mile, etc… all with rest in between so we can run them faster than our 5K.  We’ve done them all.  And when race time comes around, we’ll be able to string them all together and run our fastest race. You can bet on it. 
  • Personalized goals.  We started our 10 week training with a 5K time trial.  No practice, just raw.  We’re putting in the work to see how much improvement we make.  Stay tuned.
  • Power of the pack.  We’re all invested in each other.  We know how fast we can go and we help each other through.  The power is real and because of it, we push harder and will be better than we would have been without it. 


If you missed the Hot Dash training program, fear not, as more race training opportunities will be coming as we get into Spring and throughout the year.  If you can’t wait, feel free to hop into our weekend training on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:00 a.m.  If you want a group to run a race with, I don’t think you’ll find one that’s more fun.  Just sayin’...

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