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July is Pull-up Month

There are several functional movements that we are always working on improving at Fly Feet.  As humanoids, we should be able to press ourselves up off the floor (aka the push up), do a perfect squat, and pull our body weight over a bar, (aka, the pull-up).  Ok, there are many other movements that we should be able to do, but we’re making July the month of the pull-up! 

A pull-up is a complex movement that requires us to have significant range of motion, good technique and a ton of strength. Like everything complex, it also requires practice to get better. Which is why, we will be spending a portion of each Tread & Shred class during the month of July improving some aspect of our pull-up game.

Whether you are working on hanging from the bar for the very first time, getting the second half of a strict pull-up, or working on kipping out 30 in a row we will all benefit from some extra repetition.  The feeling you get from pulling your chin above the bar is amazing.  Plus the body composition change isn’t bad either.

We are offering two 75 minute pull-up Fly Labs in July for you to hone your skills.  The first one is on Thursday, July 13th at 6:30pm and again on Sunday, July 16th at 11am.  We will spend time improving technique and then we will go through an amazing pull-up heavy workout together.  Free for members, $20 for non-members.  Sign up now!

See you ON the bar!

Fly Feet Running