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My Pit Detox

A couple of months ago, I decided to do a pit detox.  Yes, a pit detox - two weeks of no deo in an effort to transition over to natural products.  I decided to try it because over the years, I’ve converted most of my products to all natural products.  (As you all know, some of my very favorite beauty products are S.W. Basics skincare - totally natural, 5 ingredients or less.)  Also, I do my best to eat really clean.  Yet, I was using deodorants filled with chemicals …

Conventional deodorant products are loaded with chemicals that probably don’t belong in our sensitive underarm area and lymphatic system. And, aluminum in antiperspirants intentionally clogs the sweat glands, interrupting our body's intention to flush out materials that otherwise would be removed by the natural and healthy process of sweating. Some report this can even lead to a backup of materials in need of release.  "Detoxing" the underarms is often referred to as the process of transitioning away from conventional deodorants, toward natural products.

Candidly, I went in without a good strategy.  Halfway through I could hardly stand being around myself.  I smelled so bad!  If that was my body’s way of sending me a message of what it had been collecting in my pits, it worked! 

During that stinky phase, my friend and fellow RPCV Laurie came to Fly Feet to workout. (Returned Peace Corp volunteer for those not familiar.  Laurie and I served together in El Salvador from 2001-2003.)  I knew she would have good advice for me and be able to get me through this difficult transition, (first world problems), and she did!  Here was her advice that I followed and two months later, I’m deo free!

  1. Nobody can smell you.  You are ultra sensitive of your own smell … especially the new fragrance from your detox.  Stop worrying about it!
  2. Stick it out.  It gets worse before it gets better.  And, it does get better.  For me, it was like 20 years of pent up stench was coming from my pits.  I just let it go and eventually, after two weeks, it went away. 
  3. Experiment.  There are lots of natural deodorants on the market.  Everyone’s PH is different so, see what works for you.
  4.  The ultimate hack:  homemade deo.  She started to explain this to me and I immediately pushed back because I was like – I have 3 kids and a business – no time to make homemade deo.  However, this is SO EASY and for me, it works the best.  Ready?  Mix equal parts baking soda and coconut oil.  (I use this one.)  Add an essential oil if you want it to be a little fragrant.  Voila!  This is totally my go to.

Yes, now I make my own deodorant.  My friends will never believe it.  Try a pit detox and see what you think!

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