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Spring Training is over... what should I do next?


Congratulations on finishing 14 days in a row of training!! You’ve experienced a lot of volume and intensity over the past two weeks.  You have participated in a program used almost exclusively by pro athletes.  So in summary, you are a badass.  Now what?  


Why do we only do this 1-4 x per year?

As fun as this 14 day training block is, we can’t, nor should we, approach each cycle of training in this compact, potent way.  It’s important to take 2-3 days of recovery after this and approach re-entry on a more stable, manageable basis.  I usually recommend 3 training days with 1 day of rest or 5 training days with 2 days of rest on a weekly basis.  You can revisit the 14 days of compact, hard training maybe 1 to 4 times a year. Your time in between has to be spent on something that has a more manageable schematic and allows for more recovery between each session and on a weekly basis.  


Why is 14 days in a row of training good for you once in awhile?

We see all our professional teams do a pre-season.  This happens because we know that it elicits the most potent stimulus and helps us reach a peak in our performance.  It’s a way to dig a hole and overreach in our training, thus forcing the body to resist and adapt to the greatest stress under the most volume that we can handle.  Program design is important. The stress and volume has to be specific.  The type of fatigue each day must be different in order to be effective and safe.


How should we move forward now upon completion of 14 days?

Understand that once you have completed the cycle of Stimulus-Fatigue-Recovery-Adaptation, you have a short window to recover and then you have to use your adaptation to re-build.  If you take too much time off, the adaption or improvement and changes that you built during your 14 days will dissipate.  Ideally, you can recover within 48 to 72 hours.  Please remember, one of the rules of recovery is to move.  During your post 14 day recovery, find ways to move and what works for you. Get into the studio. It’s usually tackling a session at 60% or less of intensity. Our coaches can help you scale.  Sleep, mobilize, hydrate, nourish. Then, let’s get back to it.


We would love to hear how 14 days in a row of training went for you.


See you in the gym

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