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November Stride: Time Trials

Think about efforts that are as short as a quarter mile all the way up to that upcoming Turkey Trot 5k that you may or may not have on your race calendar. This does not mean we will be running time trials every session, but they will be sprinkled in here and there.

Each session will have a specific goal in mind. How do you know what pace to start at for a 5k? What can you really do for one mile? Is there a particular distance that you struggle with? How does incline affect your pacing? Every effort should be run with intention, which means sometimes work won’t feel all out right away and have more emphasis on pacing. This will allow us to truly study how we are recovering after those efforts that feel very repeatable.

There also has to be intention in time trials to pull true all-out intensity in just one effort. On time trial days we will have a much more robust warm up that will set us up to attack the main effort with as much intensity as possible without us being in a full blown race atmosphere. There will also be sessions that are intended for us to better understand what kind of speeds we will be able to maintain for these time trials. This will be a huge benefit when it comes to time trial days so that we run with confidence and purpose rather than aimlessly.