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Mutually Accommodating Systems

People love to tell me about what they are doing for a workout... and I love to hear it!  You would be surprised at the things that people do in the name of fitness.  I’ve heard everything from a workout that uses drumsticks to a workout that just involves mental imagery of actually working out.  Fascinating!  What people really want to know is if they are doing something that is beneficial and actually moves the dial on weight loss and performance.

I have a simple answer to that question.  The way we train shouldn’t be complicated.  Nobody is going to come up with a magical movement or piece of equipment that works as a catchall to get you fit.  The most effective and easiest way to get fit is to use a mutually accommodating system.  What does that mean?  It means that any movement you are doing should be not only translatable to a sport, but it should transfer from one movement practice to another. Let me give you an example.

The way we teach you to squat is with your toes facing forward (not turned out) and we also know that our runners should run with toes straightforward.  This is a translatable skill that we can practice in the gym while we squat and we know that it can affect the way we run, jump, and shoot a basketball. All of these movements should be done with toes forward.  It makes us more efficient, more effective, and keeps us safe. Likewise, I can assess anything that I am being taught and apply it to this concept.  If I am taking a class and I am being taught to press something over my head with my back extended I have to ask myself if this applies to what an overhead position would look like in real life or sport.  Imagine being at the net blocking a volleyball or swimming with a crawl stroke and what my arm should look like in the overhead position.  It should all be the same accommodating language.  It should be an accommodating system of movement that flows from sport to training to the way we move in real life.  

This week in the gym we will be putting together the concept of mutually accommodating systems into each workout.  We will perform something that is functional and then we will show you how it’s functional as we apply it to something related to sport or life.  Think about how doing squats might apply to basketball or running.  We will connect the dots. 

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