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Fly Feature: Superstar Miguel Ibarra


If you fly with us downtown, no doubt you’ve seen someone resembling Batman in the studio. It’s quite an honor having Superstar Miguel Ibarra train with us during his off season at Fly Feet. Not only is he an incredible athlete, but he’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet.

But don’t let that smile fool you. He. Is. A. Machine. During a typical game, Ibarra runs a total of 7.1 miles, including 0.8 miles at high speed (11 mph) and 0.12 miles at an all-out sprint (15 mph). That’s nearly a mile covered while approaching full throttle and attacking an opponent’s defense across many 90-minute spans. Ibarra’s performance is at the top end for MLS. Clearly a very talented athlete, he attributes a lot of his success in 2018 to his offseason training at Fly Feet. Let’s get to know our friend Miguel!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Lancaster CA, 45 min north of Los Angeles.

How do you like Minnesota?

At first the cold was really hard. But I’ve been here 6 years and it’s home for me. It feels like home. :)

Are you a mamas boy?  What is the favorite food she made for you?  

Yes, I am a mamas boy!  One of my favorite foods she makes is enchiladas.  They are the best I’ve ever had and I crave them.

When did you know you wanted to be a pro soccer player?

I started playing soccer when I was four. Playing pro was always my dream.  I also played basketball through high school but the season was at same time as soccer so I couldn’t do both.  I have always watched Euro soccer.  

Who is your sports role model?  

Kobe Bryant. I’m a huge Lakers fan and have been my whole life.

How do you approach your training and how has that changed?  

As I have gotten older, I spend a lot more time warming up so that I stay healthy and injury free.  I pulled my hamstring when I played in Mexico.  I guess I learned the hard way. Going into games especially, I spent a long time warming up.

Why do you come to Fly Feet?  

Last year was my first year coming to Fly Feet in the off season. Going into pre-season, I was the fittest, strongest and fastest I’ve ever been.  Fly Feet helped me have a great season.  (Check out his season highlights here.) I gained a lot of endurance and speed which I thought I was losing because of my injuries.  So, this year, coming back to Fly Feet was a no brainer for me.

How do you feel Fly Feet has changed your game?  

I love the longer runs - the 4 minute efforts.  For me, the most difficult is dynamic mode - I hate those.  I also like how we do a lot of squats - super helpful to build my leg strength and stay injury free.

Tell us about your self care regimen.  

 I do cryo after two days of hard training.  Annnnnnnd …. that’s pretty much it!

In your training, what is one thing you’re working on and how do you do it?  

Right now I’m just making sure I’m fit going into pre-season and trying to eat healthy.  From a skill perspective, last year I worked on crossing the ball.  This year is all about finishing.  


How do you feel about this season?

We are all excited about the season this year especially because of the new stadium. Last year we were very disappointed that we didn’t make the playoffs. This year, we have big goals. We’ll make it. :)

What’s next for you after soccer?  

I like to scout.  Maybe I’ll go into scouting for a team and bringing players in?