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May Stride: Track is Back


Everybody is talking about the warmer weather and the heightened energy that comes with it. The sensory overload that I feel as a coach and a runner during this time of year will forever surround the spirit of racing on the track. May was my favorite time of the year because it meant the beginning of championship season. We were in our best shape and racing our most successful events. It was, in ways, how we defined our entire year of training. It was as if everything built up to this month when we unleashed all of our loftiest goals and chased them around oval after oval until we had that badge of honor attached to our uniform. This may be a moment of extreme nostalgia for me, but the month of May will be all about the track.

On a typical track team there is an incredible range of athleticism from the sprinters and jumpers, to distance crews and throwers. Across all events there is a fairly consistent training approach that supports diversifying the way you train in order to yield the best possible results. That means jumpers don’t just jump high or far, distance runners don’t just log miles, and sprinters don’t only run short and fast. We will embody this same training style for the month of May. We will have workouts geared toward distance training, speed training, and maybe we’ll even throw a little high jump or shot put in there ;) ! If a 200 meter specialist only ran 200 meter sprints every day they wouldn’t achieve their potential, and more likely diminishing it. We preach the same exact type of training here at Fly Feet because of the proven outcomes that have come from it.

It doesn’t matter if you are training for a race, big event, or simply looking to improve your fitness because there is the same truth in all of these circumstances, you have a goal. In order to excel at your chosen goal you have to operate in a multifaceted training approach, which forces you out of the comfort zone of training the same way every single day. We can’t expect to level up our results with this approach. So in Stride you will see workouts catering toward short sprints, longer distance training, and even some relay races! Get ready for some fun in the studio with a little play on the track.

All hail the TreadMighty,