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May Stride Series: Baby Got Track!

Fly Feet

Spring is here, which means ... track season is in full swing! A track star has a lot of responsibilities being a part of a team because track is based on points. If you place in an event you get more points for your team. This month in Stride we are training you to be that track star! With being a track star, comes great responsibility. Many times you are doubling or tripling up in races which means you have to be ready to run any event from 200 meters to the two mile.


As the star of the team, you have to be ready for anything the coach throws your way. You show up for your workout and the coach has the perfect plan for you. Some days we will incorporate short speed intervals so we can get you to sprint faster than you ever have before. Other training sessions will focus on longer endurance intervals so that you can maintain the stamina needed to run your third event of the day. And maybe one day you will get the chance to compete in a big meet. Our goal is for you to be a more efficient runner across all distances and see you posting your best times yet!  Here we go track stars!