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Mastering the pull up

Fly Feet Running

Pull ups are hard.  But they are a very functional movement and one that if we just spend time on, we WILL be able to master.  SOOO - we decided that July is the MONTH OF THE PULLUP!!!  Make it your goal to have mastered at least one of those glorious movements by month's end.  We are pretty confident that if you follow these easy steps you'll get there.

1.  Decide that the pull up is happening.

Getting your mind right is step one.  Whether you decide you can or you can't, you're right.  So, decide that you can and make it your mindset.

2.  Get on the bar every single time.

Yes, TRX is always there as a scaling option for you, but force yourself on that bar every. single. time.  Even if that means that you're just going to hang there and kip.  Don't give yourself the out.  Doing a pull-up is as much about timing and coordination of your muscles working in unison as it is about strength.  Get on the bar and get comfortable with it.

3.  Before you move, get in good position.

In order to perform the movement, you have to start from a good position.  Every single time.  Core engaged, shoulders retracted, strong grip with thumbs under the bar, glutes turned on.  Hanging there, you should look like you're in a hollow hold.  

4.  Actually DO A PULL-UP.

Get into a band and practice.  If you've never gotten on the bar in your life, get in the gray band.  You'll be able to do a pull-up in the band - we promise.

5.  Ask a coach.

We are there for you.  Do you need help with your kip?  Not sure how to get in a band?  Want to go all the way to a muscle up?  Whatever you need, ask us.  We'll get you there!