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March Stride: Classic Interval Training


March is the time of year when we talk about spring training. It happens like clockwork when thoughts of racing pop into our heads and goals start to come to life. This is why we are taking a very grassroots approach to our training in Stride for the month. We are talking about pure interval training because of its simple and effective approach. Workouts will involve a lot of repeats that require quickness, but consistency all while focusing on distances ranging from short sprints to endurance based intervals.

In Stride the level of intensity hits the body at a different point then Tread & Shred. It is not all out right from the get go because there tends to be more volume. This month we are going to really be able to track where our intensity hits us during workouts that have lots of consistency and repetition. With the pure interval training methodology we can get back to basics and set true benchmarks for where our fitness is at for the start of the Spring season.

Throughout the workouts I encourage you to measure several factors depending on what the workout is for the day. A few key elements to track are distances, speeds, and perceived exertion. Perceived exertion relates to how we subjectively assess how our work felt as we go through effort one all the way to the very end. This can also be obtained objectively when we add measurements or speed and distance to our logs. Work should be progressively getting more challenging, but you might still be able to maintain the same speed or distance. Where do you hit a wall in the workout? How hard did it hit you and are you able to bounce back from it?

Get ready to jumpstart your spring training with us in Stride. Continue to track your progress so that you can build out specific goals that we can make attainable together!