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March MAXness: 2 Minute Max Distance

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2 minutes, just you and the treadmill, let’s see how far you can get.  If you only take ONE thing away from this blog let it be this; START FAST! Two minutes will hurt, and it will seem longer than you want it to be while you’re pushing through it, but it is not enough time to let speed waiver.  

I see 2 minutes as the beginning of middle distance, so no longer a true sprint but still damn fast. It is essential that you start off at a speed that you are unsure of holding on to. Now is not the time to run at a pace you know you can achieve.  A distance trial is a test and a chance to be better than last time.  Better means farther and farther means faster, so start above your comfort level and you just might surprise yourself, i’m willing to bet you will! In order for my training to have meaning, I have to be training effectively.  Establishing my end range will allow every subsequent 2’ effort in class to be more meaningful. If coach says 85-90%, upon completion of this trial you will know exactly what speed that is. Now we can start making real progress upwards!

So you’ve taken a chance on a number that makes you nervous and the belt is slowly picking up speed, now what? Don’t worry about two minutes, that’s what.  Your first goal is make it to the 1’ mark. The first 20 seconds is cake, the next 20 you’re starting to feel the speed and find your tempo. Don’t second guess yourself in this moment. Focus on keeping a quick cadence while staying as relaxed as possible.  

Minimize arm swing and bounce and you’ll find yourself crossing the 1’ mark. At this point you should be doubting yourself, if you are confident here then we have started too slow.  The last minute is all mind over matter. There is no way around the hurt, embrace the suck and I promise you will feel like a total badass when you finish. When you start to feel the doubt around halfway bring your attention to the next 30” as this is hardest part of the effort. If you can make it to the 90” mark without dropping your speed then you have done all the hardest work mentally.  I always use that as fuel. “Alright John, don’t be a <insert degrading word here>, there is only 30” left, quitting simply isn’t an option”.

If you want to hang on you’ll need a reason. It might be ego, it might be self satisfaction, it might be because you didn’t think you could and now you’re so close! Run that through your mind a few times and the next time you look at your time there will be 10-15” left.  That is just a few steps and you’re done!