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March MAXness: Max Burpees


March MAXness is here. Each weekend we will chase down a different metric to see what we can do. This weekend is the max rep burpee in one minute challenge. The rate-limiting factor for most isn’t a lack of cardiorespiratory development but rather a lack of efficacy in their movement.  Essentially they aren’t crazy out of breath, they simply can’t move faster. We typically hammer home a spine first approach and landing with a flat back - especially when under load (with weights).  But, the fact is, the spine is meant to move through flexion and extension. The problem occurs when that flexion/extension is under load. In a dumbbell burpee, for example, the spine must be prioritized. In an unloaded movement, like the burpee, we have a little more wiggle room to gain efficiency. These are the top 3 areas of weakness for most in increasing rate of performance in the burpee:


Coordination matters everywhere.  The key to this is planting your hands while you are kicking your feet back.  From here the knees hit, then the chest all in a smooth and controlled rhythm. When I am going for speed my feet are kicking back before my hands even hit the ground.


Seems obvious, but PUSH! The harder you push the easier it is to get your feet under your hips as you are changing the angle of hip flexion required to perform this task.  Elbows in = more stability = more power.

Don’t Think, Just DO!

We aren’t looking for perfect form an mentioned above.  When I am in the zone my burpees look like a series of controlled flops and sprawls.  I land as close to standing as I can because that adds precious time. I close my eyes, focus on breathing and no matter what I do.. not.. stop!!  To sum it up, just “get in the zone”. It will hurt, but a minute is over before you know it.  Don’t leave anything on the table. Sell out for 60 seconds and you will impress yourself and have a benchmark to measure from here on out!

All Hail the TreadMighty,

Coach JW

p.s. If you haven’t signed up for the March MAXness challenge, do so here! If you complete all 4 challenges (each weekend) and turn in your scorecard, you’ll get unlimited buddy passes in the month of April. Winners get massive bragging rights as well as a super dope Fly Feet hat. LFG!!!