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The best way to get fit: March MAXness

If you’re looking to get back on the wagon for spring, we’ve got just the thing: MARCH MAXNESS. Little mini challenges each week so that you can continue chasing the best version of you. If you don’t know what your MAX is, you have no method for evaluating your training sessions. Information is power! Let’s do this!


Welcome to March MAXness! It is time to find out exactly where our end range is within a few different metrics.  Why should you care how many burpees you can do in 1 minute? Because if I have no handle on what 100% looks like, I never have a method for evaluating each of my training sessions.  If I am capable of 40 burpees in 1 min, it stands to reason I would be capable of at least 20 in 30 seconds.  I now have a number to shoot for every time 30 seconds of burpees arrives in a training session.  Will I be able to hit 20 burpees if I am in the middle to end of a workout and I have already put in significant work? Probably not. But I know for sure that if I only hit 10, I am super soft, or desperately in need of a recover day.  


One of your metrics will be an all-out 2-minute effort.  Beginning of class, following a long warm up, this will be your chance to see what an actual 100% effort looks and feels like.  This is incredibly useful within so many of our training sessions.  If my coach asks for 85-90% of my all-out pace, I now have a very specific speed upon which to base my effort.  What feels like all-out at the end of a workout is not the same speed as a rested all-out effort, so keep that in mind. 


The challenges and trials will arrive on both Saturday and Sunday, and we will spend a small portion of each class during the week prior preparing you for how to best tackle this endeavor. Reset your mind as to what your speeds and loads actually are because you will be shocked at what your body is capable of when rested and prepped. Once we know our limits, our goals become so much more meaningful and our training will be filled with purpose.  We have all felt the slums of pointless workouts, and it sucks. As we figure out our max efforts, we will begin to shape the future of our training and in that there is purpose and power!


There is a huge difference between competition and training.  It is time to compete! In competition we don’t think, we just do. Time to achieve! Let’s set our sights on fast and heavy and believe we can accomplish anything with the energy of the entire community at our back!

Sign up here: https://www.flyfeetrunning.com/event/marchmaxness

All Hail the TreadMighty,

Coach John.