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Marching into STRIDE

Fly Feet Stride

Marching into Stride ...  We are talking about pure interval training. It is a very classic and grassroots way of training full of repeated, faster efforts to get an athlete stronger and more efficient. This sounds very similar to Tread and Shred, however, there is a very different intention with these Stride workouts. The level of intensity (or point of failure) will hit you toward the end of the session versus the beginning forcing you to have to fight through it the whole way. There may be training sessions where you don’t hit complete failure, but that doesn’t mean it's any easier.


Intervals will look very similar (if not exactly the same) throughout class with a specified amount of rest, typically a significant amount and close to full recovery. The way we approach each segment is very purposeful. Essentially, if you look at the workout written down on a piece of paper it doesn’t look like much. It’s the way we attack each interval and the significant feedback we get from each one that makes this so influential. Not everything is done at an all out pace, but it will get you thinking more about the paces you are able to sustain and the paces you are able to push.


Think of it as a chance to have very precise and consistent measurements. Training through intervals provides an accurate benchmark for where your fitness level is at and can help you set realistic, achievable goals. Interval training will help you grasp ways to train and paces to train at so that you can come closer to achieving whatever goals you might have. 


These workouts are all designed to encourage this amazing community to discover where your fitness is truly at and get you inspired to chase something better.  And, if you're coming during Spring Training, the stimulus of the class will match that of Tread & Shred for that day.  


All Hail the TreadMighty,