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Life after the challenge


Congratulations on completing the Fly Feet January Challenge! You are all fitter, faster, stronger and way more in tuned with your bodies than you were a month ago.  We do these challenges four times a year in an effort to continually chase a better version of ourselves. Fly Feet is about a lifestyle, not just what happens in the studio.  And that lifestyle isn’t perfection, it’s just about being better – whatever that means for you. Our objective is to give you tools to take forward and be more in tuned with your own bodies to continue chasing your best you.  Do you have to live super regimented like the last 28 days? No. Do you have to keep chasing “better”? Yes. Here’s how to think about life after the challenge.

Set yourself up to chase fitness.

  • Train hard with intensity that is measurable, repeatable and observable.  Know where you are.

  • Build skills to move better and stay injury free.  

  • Be specific about small, personal goals to chase.  i.e. not holding onto the treadmill on incline. Goals that simple work!

  • Recover with intention.  Sleep + mobility + recovery techniques + off days.  

Think about fitness over a broad time domain

  • Think about your movement practice over a very broad time domain.  Where do you want to be in 30 years? Are you training now to get there?  Are you focused on skills and moving well?

  • We marry science and fitness; you have to look at Fly Feet training like pro athletes – intensity, recovery, movement, injury prevention.  If you just come in and crush yourself every day, you are missing it.

  • To be fit over time, you must train hard AND do body maintenance.  Your body will tell you what you need. You have to listen if you want results.  

When life gets crazy, go back to the basics and control your controllables:

  • Sleep well - 8.5 hours.

  • Prepare to eat well, reduce your sugar intake, pack your food.

  • Move your body, create specific goals to conquer.  Small wins matter.

  • Hone in on your habit.

  • Draw from your community.

  • Create this plan for yourself now so you’re ready when life gets crazy.

What if I have to travel?

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

  • Keep a lacrosse ball close for mobility in the car or on the plane.

  • Get up and move every hour whether you’re in a meeting or on a plane.

  • Workout.  Plan it ahead of time.  Even if that means a 15 minute walk.

  • Pack healthy snacks to munch on so you don’t get hangry and make bad choices.


  • Be THAT person when eating out.  What is it cooked in? How is it prepared?  What’s in that? Can you prepare it like this?  Read LK’s blog on more tangible tips.

  • Maintain eating mostly whole foods.

  • Maintain eating 25g or less of added sugar.

  • Moderate your alcohol consumption.

  • Just be in tuned with how you nourish your body.  Small changes have a big impact.

Use the community and the coaches to stay on track.  Tell us what you need and let us help!