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The Magic of Kettle Bells

I started boxing nine years ago because I wanted to get in shape, and I never would have guessed where the sport would take me. I’ve worked hard enough to compete on an international stage and been lucky enough to knock gloves with some of the best women in the biz. But one of the most powerful things about becoming a boxer, was that it helped me realize that I’ve actually been a fighter all my life. I’m tenacious, hard-working and I have a crazy competitive streak. I fell in love with boxing because it allowed me to find an edge I had never explored before. I’ve always had drive, but hadn’t found an outlet to develop my physical power. Now, when I step into the gym, whether I’m wearing gloves or carrying a kettle bell, I want to prove that I can kick some ass.

I may not be a fast runner, but I’m strong. And there’s nothing like swinging a heavy kettle bell to make me feel like I’m in a training montage with Rocky Balboa. Here are just a few reasons I think kettle bells are so badass:


They’re UBER-dynamic!

Swinging a kettle bell activates and utilizes multiple joints and muscle groups, hence the word “dynamic”! And while you’re working with it, you’re not only getting stronger, you’re also getting some killer cardio. Not to mention, because it has a handle, the center of mass extends beyond the hand and lends itself well to swinging and high-velocity movements.


The physiological benefit you get from swinging or lifting a heavy kettle bell is insane!

Did you know that lifting a heavier load would increase your bone density? Or that it triggers the release of human growth hormone in your body? HGH is the “fountain of youth” hormone that increases energy levels, boosts metabolism and slashes fat. Need I say more?


It takes some serious brainwork and mental toughness to make the exercises happen safely and effectively.

Just like boxing, technique is important with a kettle bell. Once you have the mechanics down and you know how to coordinate your movements, you’ll be shocked at the weight you can handle. The more efficient your movements are, the heavier the load!


When you’re staring at those kettle bell cubbies, it’s not always easy to go for the heavier load. But remember that we are the Treadmighty and we seek joy through intensity. Grab the #53 kettle bell, keep pushing to find that edge and step right over it, just like a fighter getting into the ring.




Saturday, December 17  |  10 - 11am

We love this little toy so much and think the benefits are so profound, that we want to share more with you.  Come to our Kettle Bell Fly Lab on Saturday, 12/17 from 10:00 – 11:00. 

We will teach and break down four key kettle bell movements:  the clean, the snatch, the getup, the swing.  (Don’t they just sound cool???)  At the end, you’ll not only be a master of the kettlebell, but you’ll learn super helpful tips for continuing to get stronger the most efficient way possible.

Super convenient to go to class before or after (9:00/11:00 partner workouts!)  Fly Lab is free for members, $20 for non-members. 

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