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June Stride: Race Simulations


The best way to get ready for race day is running at paces at or faster than your goal pace. If we always train for higher mileage or running at the same speeds day in and day out we won’t be able to truly reach our potential to handle the intensity of chasing a PR. There are so many variables that are completely out of our control on the day of the race like weather or competition, so this means we have to focus even more on what we can control. Our training, pacing, and nutrition are the variables that we can plan for leaving it up to us to train in an efficient and effective manner.

This month in Stride we are training at different distances, paces, and volumes like we usually do, but the intention behind the work will be geared toward specific race simulations. There might be workouts when you are forced to go out hard and hang on to a quick pace as best as you can, or a workout where you progressively get faster, or even a workout that has a sudden and unexpected hill! By treating our workouts like races you will be much more prepared for the start line of just about any race, whether it’s a marathon, triathlon, Ragnar, or Spartan race.


As we envision race day we have to start thinking about our goals and apply them to the way we pace ourselves during the workouts. Don’t be afraid to try something that might feel a little out of reach because you will never know unless you try and it’s always best to try it in your training versus the actual race day! You’re going to get a lot of different scenarios thrown at you and the goal is to see how our bodies can adapt to a constantly changing stimulus. So get ready to train for your race!